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Why are there bubbles between laminated glass?
If the laminated glass have bubbles, it is quality problem, mainly reasons maybe:
1- the glass is not so flat, hard to laminate the glasses very well;
2- PVB quality is not good or didn't use enough PVB, couldn't adheasive the glasses very well;
3- the time in auto clave is not long enough, the glass didn't stick on glass very tight;
So when purchasing glass, price is important, but for safety consideration, quality should be more important.
What’s the relationship between Jimy Glass and Sun Global Glass
Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Limited, built on 1993, is the headquarter of the Shenzhen Sun Global Glass Co., Limited, which is built on 2013.

Currently, the main business Jimy Glass do is in domestic, most of the oversea business are doing via Sun Global Glass, so most of our certificate includes European CE Certificate and American SGCC certificate is tested for Sun Global Glass, but all the glass products are from same factory, so the quality is the same, you could choose to do business with both Jimy Glass and Sun Global Glass.

Looking forward to doing win-win business with you sooner or later.
How could I get your best price?
As a serious glass manufacturer and exporter, we can't assure we could offer the lowest price in China market, but we could make sure our price is very competitive based on very high quality glass products.

In order to calculate our best price for you, for the standard size float glass like clear float glass, tinted float glass, reflective glass, mirror glass, you should give us details including glass type, color, size, thickness and quantity.

For the processed glass like tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, frosted glass, silkscreen printed glass, except give us the glass type, color, size, thickness and quantity, you also need to tell us whether you have customized requirements like drill holes, cut notches, sandblasting, etc., it would be great if you have the CAD drawings for us to show all the details. What's more, it would be better if you could tell us what's the approximate time you need the glass arrive at building site, because different time the glass material cost would be different.

By the way, if you want to do CIF term with us, so need us to arrange the transportation, you need to tell us the nearest port from you for us.

To contact us easily, please send email to postmaster@glassmanufacturerchina.com, or call 0086 13662630556 (whatsapp and wechat) to talk directly.
Except glass, could you also supply other building materials?
We are glass factory, only produce different types of customized glass, don't produce other building materials. But if you need, we could help you purchase the other materials like aluminum, stainless steel, PVC, etc. from other factories.

Doing the glass business more than 20 years, we have built up very good relationship with many building materials suppliers, and also helped customers purchase different materials before. To let us help you buy the building materials, we can't make sure the price is the best, but we could make sure the quality will be the top in China market.

So if you need our help, please feel free to contact us any time for more details. We also could send the suppliers' contact information for you to contact them directly.
What should we do when we receive the glass is damaged?
For all our glass, we will pack them into strong export wooden crates with metal belts, to do our best to avoid any breakage during long distance transportation. But the glass is fragile products, it is possible to be damaged if there is some accidents happen when they are on the way to your site. If unfortunately, the accidents happen, please keep calm and do the process with us as below:
1.Keep the broken glass in the container, and take as many as broken glass photos for us at the first time;
2.Check the broken glass carefully, and calculate the broken glass quantity for us;
3.When we receive the photos and quantity from you, we will contact with the insurance company about the accident;
4.If the loss amount over usd5000, the insurance company will ask somebody to inspect the broken glass at your site, please do your best to cooperate with them to inspect every details about the broken glass. After inspection, they will issue an inspection report, and then, the insurance company will calculate how much they will pay for the broken glass; If the loss amount is not too much, please cooperate with us to provide all the required documents for insurance company, generally, they will pay for the broken glass directly very soon when they receive all the documents;
5.The broken glass compensation from insurance company, could send to your bank account directly, also could send to our bank account, and then, we replace all the broken glass for you in the shortest time. Depends on your choice.
So please don't worry even you receive the damaged glass, as a professional glass exporter, we well understand how to cover the risk for you. 
Why your price is higher than other glass suppliers?
As we known, different material make different product, and different product will have different price, just like we could use usd50 to buy a fake handbag with LV logo, but we couldn’t buy a real LV handbag with only usd50. Glass is the same, we could use different material to produce the different glass, for sure, the cost will be different.

For us, as a serious glass manufacturer, all the glass we produce is used the very good quality material, to make sure the glass we supply is no bubbles, no defects, 100% match client’s requirements, and we will replace or refund the payment even if our glass only have very small quality problem. With such strict quality control, certainly, the cost will be higher.

Except the quality, we also have strong plywood crate package to avoid glass breakage during long distance transportation, and our professional service is online 24 hours, you could talk with us any time to solve your problems, that's why sometimes our price is higher than other suppliers, but lots of clients prefer to work with us.
Can we load other products together with glass in the container?
For the standard size float glass, we don't accept loading other products together with glass, because we have standard quantity for standard size float glass in one container, generally, it's about 26500kg, couldn't load more products, or will overweight, and the float glass is very easy broken, not safe to load them together with other products.

For the processed glass like custom cut tempered glass, laminated glass and insulated glass, generally, to make sure glass security, we don't accept to load other products together with them, but if have to load them together with other products like aluminum, machines, stainless steel, etc., please make sure other product's supplier could do their product's custom declaration by themselves, and they could deliver the products to our factory in time to load in the container, and they will share all the container's local charges with us.
Can I visit your factory?
Yes, warmly welcome to visit us any time, when you confirm the schedule to come to China, please let us know the exact time to visit us, we will arrange the meeting for you. And please feel free to tell us if you need some help for booking tickets or hotel, we are glad to assist you.

Our Shenzhen office address is 3F, Qihang Business Building, Shenfeng Road, Liuyue, Henggang, Longgang, Shenzhen, China, Tel 0086 755 28211334, call us any time if you need help.
Where is your main market?
As a serious glass manufacturer, most of our glass is exported to Europe and America, where have the most strict quality requirement. And most of our clients are engineering contractors, the main glass product they purchase is different types of toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass and insulated glazing, application as balustrade glass, skylight glass, facade glass wall, floor glass, staircase glass, elevator glass, etc.

Except those two markets, we also have some clients in South America and Latin America like Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, etc., most of them are glass distributors, and most of the product they import is colorless glass, mirror glass, patterned glass, laminated float glass, etc.

In a word, we are rich experience glass supplier and exporter more than 20 years, should you have any glass enquiry, warmly welcome to work with us for biggest profit.
Are your glass products CE certified?
At present, we have CE Certificate for laminated safety glass 6mm+1.52mm PVB+6mm, 8mm+1.52mm PVB+8mm, 10mm+1.52mm PVB+10mm, 12mm+1.52mm PVB+12mm, 15mm+1.52mm PVB+15mm, tested by TUV Rheinland Netherland B.V. (NB 1750), test report NO. 89212017-01/02, according to European standard EN12600 and EN14449.

Most of the above laminated glass we supply are for glass balustrades, exterior glass walls, glass facades, glass skylights, if you need certificate for other thickness laminated glass, safety tempered glass, heat soaked glass, or insulated glass, please contact us any time, we could do the test to get the certificate in very short time.
What's your payment term?
For the float glass like clear float glass, tinted float glass, reflective float glass, mirror glass, etc., the payment term is TT 30% deposit to confirm order, TT 70% before loading in FOB term, or TT 70% against copy bill of lading in CFR or CIF term.

For the processed glass like safety tempered glass, security laminated glass, energy efficient insulating glass, frosted glass, decorative glass, smart glass, U glass, etc., the payment term is TT 50% deposit before production, TT 50% before loading in FOB term, or TT 50% against copy bill of lading in CFR or CIF term.

For some special orders, LC or OA could be negotiable.
How about your packaging? If the glass broken during transportation, what will you do?
About our glass, we packed them into much strong export plywood crates and the cargos load into the containers with strong metal belts for sure stable and safety during transportation.

If the glass broken by accident, we have insurance to avoid the risk for you.
What is the minimum order quantity?
For our standard size float glass, the MOQ is one 20ft full container;

For the processing glass, we don't have MOQ, the more you buy, the better price will be. 
Can you send samples to check quality before orders?
Yes, we are so glad to send samples for you to check the quality. For the standard glass samples like transparent float glass, color tinted glass, reflective glass, mirror glass, etc., we supply the free samples, you only need to arrange the delivery.

For the processed glass like customized tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, screen-printed glass, sandblasted glass, PDLC intelligent glass, etc., will have some sample cost, but we will refund it for you soon after we work together.

About the delivery, it would be very good if you have courier account of TNT, Fedex, UPS, or DHL, you could arrange them to pick up the samples directly; If you don't have any account, transfer the delivery cost for us, we will arrange to send out the samples for you by DHL within shortest time.
What’s your production time?
Based on the high production capacity, most often we have some standard sizes float glass in stock, like colorless float glass, tinted float glass, reflective float glass, patterned glass, could send out within 5 days after order is confirmed.

And for other standard sizes glass, like silver mirror, aluminum mirror, laminated float glass, generally, we don't have stock, production time is 7-10 days after order is confirmed.

As to the processing glass like safety tempered glass, toughened laminated glass, insulating glass, curved glass, silkscreen decorative glass, acid etched glass, the production time should be confirmed as per the detail order information, generally, for one container, won't more than 15 days.
Can I mix different glass in one container?
Depends on what kind of glass do you need. For processing glass like safety tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, we could mix all kinds of glass for you.

But for float glass like clear float glass, tinted float glass, reflective glass, mirror glass, generally, we don't accept mix container. But if you have to, the price will be much higher.
Where are you located?
We have six major production bases in China, including those in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Tianjin, Dalian and Qingdao, and for customers to visit us more convenient, we have an office and showroom in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.  

In the production plants, those in Dongguan, Tianjin and Dalian are manufacturing float glass like clear float glass, tinted float glass, solar reflective glass, mirror glass, etc. Those in Huizhou, Shenzhen and Qingdao are processing all kinds of customized glass like safety tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, painted glass, acid etched glass, PDLC film smart glass, etc.

If you have time, warmly welcome to visit us any time!