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What’s wired glass?

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  • Release on :2017-06-05

Wired glass is the ordinary flat glass heated to red hot softening state, then the preheated treated wire or barbed wire is made into the middle of the glass. Its characteristic is superior fire resistance, can block the flame, will not burst when high temperature combustion happen. Most importantly, It will not hurt human being when broken happened. There are also anti-theft performance with barbed wire when the glass was broken.

Comparing with ordinary glass, it’s much more stronger, the small particles will not splash everywhere when the glass is exposed to shock or the temperature changes. When the fire disaster happened, it will remain in a fixed state while the wire is heated, playing the role of isolation from the fire. In this way, we called it fireproof glass.

1.Fire resistance
Even if the wire is broken, the wire or net can support the debris, it is difficult to collapse and broken. Even when the flame wears, can block the flame and fire powder intrusion, to prevent the spread from the opening of the effect.

2.High safety
Mesh wired glass can prevent debris from scattering. Even in the event of earthquakes, storms, shocks and other external pressure to break the glass, the debris is also difficult to fly, so compared with ordinary glass, it is not easy to cause fragments flying wounding.

3.Good security
Ordinary glass is easy to break, so the thief can come to the house easily, while wire glass, even if the glass is broken, there is still a metal wire network at work, so thieves can not be easy to steal. Wired glass of this anti-theft, to the people to bring a sense of security.

Wired glass thickness is generally above 5MM, and people can used patterned glass as the wired patterned glass, used the tinted glass to become the color wired glass etc. As an safety and fireproof glass, widely used for building glass doors and windows, glass skylight etc.