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Difference between PVB laminated glass and EVA laminated glass

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  • Release on :2018-06-02
All of us know that the laminated glass is safety glass, widely use on constructions for balcony, partition wall, spider wall systems, floors, skylights, etc. And in our previous article, we have discussed the difference between PVB laminated glass and SGP laminated glass, but do you know what’s the difference between the EVA laminated glass and PVB laminated glass? In our opinions, their differences are as below:

Both EVA film and PVB film have different colors, and the thickness is 0.38mm per layer, could use different layer film to make the laminated glass as per the glass thickness, size and other processing requirements.

In fact, the EVA film cost is lower than PVB film cost, but in China market, most of the EVA laminated glass price is higher than PVB laminated glass cost, because it needs more time and human resource to make it, so that production capacity is lower.

PVB has the advantages of strong tenacity and can absorb and weaken a mass of striking energy, so generally it is very hard for the thief to break the PVB laminated glass and get inside, and it is almost impossible for the broken glass separate from the PVB and fall down to hurt human. But for EVA, its security performance is not as good as the PVB, and it doesn’t have very good performance of impact resistance, so the PVB laminated safety glass is stronger than the EVA laminated glass.

During processing, the EVA film could move freely between glass, so generally, when we produce the EVA laminated glass, we should seal the glass around, to avoid the EVA film go out of the glass, and when we heat the glass, we should put the glass horizontally. Just because of the flow feature of EVA, it is widely used to make the interior decorative laminated glass like wire laminated glass, fabric laminated glass, etc. But for the PVB film, it almost can’t move between glass during processing, generally, it is put in the autoclave vertically, and it is not so good to make the laminated glass which have other material between glass, because it can’t integrate with other materials.

The EVA decorative laminated glass is very popular to use for interior decoration like glass partition wall, glass bathroom enclosure, hotel central hall glass wall, etc., while the PVB security laminated glass is widely used in place where need safety like glass facades, glass balustrades, glass floors, glass elevators, etc.

With more than 20 years experience to manufacture and export customized architectural glass, we know clearly what kind of laminated glass is good to use in where, or where need what kind of glass, so warmly welcome to contact us any time to discuss details if you have any glass projects.

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