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1” thick SGP tempered laminated glass,anti slippery/transparent/translucent glass floor1” thick SGP tempered laminated glass,anti slippery/transparent/translucent glass floor1” thick SGP tempered laminated glass,anti slippery/transparent/translucent glass floor1” thick SGP tempered laminated glass,anti slippery/transparent/translucent glass floor

1” thick SGP tempered laminated glass,anti slippery/transparent/translucent glass floor

  • Glass name:8+6+8mm safety SGP tempered laminated glass floor.
  • Glass compostion: 8mm toughened glass+SGP layers+6mm toughened glass+SGP layers+8mm toughened glass.
  • Advantages: safety,durable,anti-scratch,anti-moist,privacy design,etc.
  • Special processed: drilling holes,cut notches,edging working,etc.
  • Original Glass types:clear float glass,ultra clear float glass,silk screen printed,etc.Surface can be made like mini dot,small dot,etc.
  • Production time:within 10-15 days after the order is confirmed.
  • 20mm Fresh new strong export plywood crates with steel belt.

1” thick SGP tempered laminated glass,anti-slippery / transparent / translucent glass floor

About JIMY glass company floor glass:

Natural light is at a premium.Glass floors are made with transparent glass when it is useful to view something from above or below; whereas translucent glass is used when there is no need to view through.But any type of smooth glass surface can be slippery,in order to make glass floor safe,frit pattern is added to the top layer of glass.If you want the least vision and the best traction control “mezzo” and “dot” patterns are best.Floor glass is a hard material,but it is possible to scratch surface.To lessen the visibility of scratches the translucent acid etched obscure glass works well.

In either case, toughened laminated glass is usually chosen, for its durability and resistance to breakage.JIMY Glass company offers SGP laminated glass units 1” thick,three-ply laminated glass units: a top layer 8mm tempered glass for impact resistance+6mm glass+8mm heat-strengthened glass bottom layer, bonded with a clear SGP interlayer.

Tempered SGP laminated floor glass specification:

Max Size: 3000*8000mm
Single glass thickness: 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Glass color: clear, ultra clear, frosted,grey, green, blue, bronze
SGP (Dupond Sentry Glass Plus): 0.89mm,1.52mm and 2.28mm,etc.
Glass type:tempered laminated glass in Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low Iron, Acid-Etched, Textured and screen printing

Advantages about SGP tempered laminated glass use for floor glass:
• High resistance to breakage: the laminated glass with SGP interlayers is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than normal laminating materials like PVB interlayer.
• High safety: The SGP tempered laminated glass retains its character and maintains a residual barrier, even after the glass broken, it is standing, not falling down.
• Outstanding clarity and durability: Yellow index is smaller than 1.5, even after years of service, SentryGlas® interlayers could provide superior, lasting beauty for laminated glass, it's an ideal choice for low iron glass laminates.
• Create aesthetic sense: to create an exciting, light-filled and dramatic design in a luxury home, professional workspace or public building which can move light from one level to another.

SGP tempered laminated glass as a flooring material is used in both residential and commercial structures. Glass floors are often lit from below with natural or artificial light, or may be treated as ordinary floor surfaces illuminated from above.More popular use as glass terrace, bridge or deck,sometimes set into outdoor sidewalks and pavements.

SGP 8mm+6mm+8mm tempered laminated glass:
 SGP 8mm+6mm+8mm tempered laminated glass

safety transparent and translucent glass floor:
safety transparent and translucent glass floor

China anti slippery glass floor:
China anti slippery glass floor manufacturer

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