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SGP tempered laminated toughened safety glass floor with Silk screen printing ink anti non slip dot line pattern on the surfaceSGP tempered laminated toughened safety glass floor with Silk screen printing ink anti non slip dot line pattern on the surfaceSGP tempered laminated toughened safety glass floor with Silk screen printing ink anti non slip dot line pattern on the surfaceSGP tempered laminated toughened safety glass floor with Silk screen printing ink anti non slip dot line pattern on the surface

SGP tempered laminated toughened safety glass floor with Silk screen printing ink anti non slip dot line pattern on the surface

  • SGP tempered laminated glass floor panels interior and exterior building non-slip skid resistance glazing
  • Thickness: 21.52mm, 25.52mm,39.52mm,33mm, 38mm,60mm, 10+10mm,12+12mm,19+19mm, 10+10+10,12+12+12,19+19+19,etc
  • Shape:can be square, rectangular,Trapezoid, triangle,or other customized shapes
  • Customized size and type acceptable, maximum size reach 3300x8000mm;
  • Production time within 25 working days for ensure quality when details confirmed;
  • Customized strong plywood crate with high protective paper film for ensure safety when transportation and unload.
  • Application: residential and commercial exterior and interior,includes stair,overbridge ,canopy Walkway,etc

Dupont SGP laminated glass flooring safety silk screen printing non skid resistance dot or line pattern processed manufacturers

JIMY GLASS factory is one of Chinese professional glass factory main produce high quality interior and exterior building glass, include of temepred glass, laminated glass( EVA laminated glass, PVB laminated glass, SGP laminated glass), insulated glass, curved glass, acid etched frosted glass, silk screen printed glass , U-shaped glass, smart PDLC film glass, two way mirror, LED smart mirror, hidden TV mirror, and so on, Especially the super large jumbo size glass, small radius glass ,irregular shape and many other special highly difficult processed glass.


Here we would like to introduce you more information about our high quality structural SGP laminated glass flooring silk screen printed non-slip dot on surface as below:    

SGP tempered laminated glass floors with ceramic printed square non -slip pattern on surface

Details about SGP tempered laminated ceramic frit glass floors


can be square, rectangular ,Trapezoid , triangle, or other customized shapes


 Can custom cut to different sizes, min size 300x300mm, max size of 3300x8000mm


can do different thickness 21.52mm, 25.52mm,39.52mm,33mm, 38mm,60mm, 10+10mm,12+12mm,19+19mm, 10+10+10,12+12+12,19+19+19,many other.


white, black, yellow, red, gray, any pantone color could be produced;


 Small round dot, line,


drill holes and cutouts for frameless design accessories installation, can full surface color printed, also can partial color printing or pattern printing, any customized pattern design is accepted


residential and commercial exterior and interior, includes stair, Portal,
platform bridge, pedestrian bridge, overbridge ,Canopy Walkway, 
skyway, footbridges,etc


Why used silk screen printed processed on SGP laminated glass floor but not acid etched frosted processed?

1. The SGP laminated glass flooring with silk screen printed the anti-slip white dot or white line or white pattern on the surface, theres many type pattern and any color for you choose.

2. Ceramic frit coated glass/Silk screen printed glass which is a friendly safety glass, the acid etched frosted glass which is not environmental-friendly.

3. To compare with the acid etched frosted white dot or line, or pattern, the silk screen printed laminated glass floor which can help you save much money.

4. For the silk screen printing glass which can better to clean than the acid etched frosted glass and easy to maintain.

Ceramic frit SGP laminate glass stair tread non slip glazing

Why SGP laminated glass used for floor more better than use PVB laminated glass?

Both PVB laminated safety glass and SGP security laminated glass, whats the difference between SGP laminated glass and PVB laminated glass for structural glass floor?

1. Compare with traditional PVB laminated safety glass, the hardness improve 100 times, the strength improve of 5 times than PVB

2. The SGP laminated glass which is with highly hardness, high strength, can make glass more thin, reduce cost, glass panel size been more large.

3. The SGP laminated glass is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than PVB laminated glass.

4. The SGP laminated glass is stand up when broken, while the PVB laminated glass is fell down.

5.The SGP yellow index is smaller than 1.5, while the PVB yellow index is 6-12, so the SGP laminated glass is much more clear than PVB laminated glass, used the SGP laminated glass floor looks more high-end.

 SGP laminated glass floor compare with PVB laminated glass floor

How to distinguish the real SGP laminated glass between fake one?

The real SGP laminate glass which never fall apart and fall down if broken, even broken the fragment still stronger glue by the SGP film, and even though sit down on the broken glass still safety that dont worried about to fall down.



walk-able skylights, stair treads, stair landings, ramps, footbridges, bath areas, traffic-able roofs, traffic-able areas, etc.

 resistant laminated glass non slip flooring indoor and outdoor building security systerms

Why choose JIMYGLASS factory?

1. We have full sets of advance production equipment, can satisfy your any glass processing demand;

2. Our professional research and development with many years on produce and research new products to meeting the market required;

3. We have professional sales engineers, can provide you the professional suggestion and technical supporting;

4. We have skillful workers, to make sure every piece glass come out with good conditions;

5. We have strictly management system, to control the cost as low as possible, and make the production time as fast as possible;

6. We have specialized quality inspectors, to make sure every piece glass pack and ship out for you without any quality problem, even no any small bubbles or defects;

7. We had packing department special design the packing and loading depend on your glass order to ensure safety and stronger shipping;

8. We have professional logistic team, could make sure deliver the glass for you without any damage, but with the fastest shipping time and lowest delivery cost.

Professional inspector carefully strict on inspecting every panel glass before shipping to ensure all the glass we are delivery are 100% highly quality.

laminated glass inspatection carefully

 JIMY GLASS factory oversea glass project:

laminated glass projects

SGP laminated glass floors packing and loading:

sgp laminated glass floors packing and loading


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