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China glass manufacturer supply special-shaped tempered laminated glass skylightChina glass manufacturer supply special-shaped tempered laminated glass skylightChina glass manufacturer supply special-shaped tempered laminated glass skylightChina glass manufacturer supply special-shaped tempered laminated glass skylight

China glass manufacturer supply special-shaped tempered laminated glass skylight

  • Glass type:transparency tempered laminated glass,tinted tempered laminated glass
  • Advantages of tempered laminated glass for skylight:high strength,high safety,customized design,etc.
  • Size:max 3300*8000mm,produced as per customer's requirement
  • Glass shape:flat,curve,square,etc.
  • Processing:drill holes,cut notches,polished edges,etc
  • .
  • Production time:within 7-15 days after the order is confirmed.
  • Packaging:fresh new strong export plywood crates with paper.

China high quality special-shaped toughened laminated glass suppliers

8+euro grey+white PVB/SGP+8m special shaped tempered laminated glass which made by two single 8mm tempered glass panel, middle boned together with a layer of euro grey and a layer white PVB/EVA/SGP film to made, and then through special high temperature preheating and high temperature and high pressure fabrication processing, to made the glass and  PVB/EVA/SGP film Permanent bonding, these glass more safety, even the glass broken, there’s no Glass fragments drop off to make any hurt.

Description: abnormal shape laminated glass/ special-shaped laminated glass /heterotype laminated glass /heteromorphism laminated glass, Special-shaped structure daylighting roof glass dedicated /Special-shaped structure sunroof glass dedicated/ /Special-shaped structure roof of collecting light glass dedicated/ Special-shaped structure Building glass skylight system dedicated/special -shaped structure Building Roof glazing

Laminated glass Characteristics
- Suitable for safety glazing in selected thickness
- Offers greater personal safety after breakage as it tends to remain intact on the frame.
- Provides additional security over other glass types
- Provides improved sound control due to the sound-deafening capabilities of the PVB / SGP interlayer.
- Offers high resistance against object penetrations thus providing an effective deterrent against forced entry.
-Create aesthetic sense to buildings

Laminated Glass Specifications

 Shape  Flat, Curve, Hot bent
 Processing  Polished edge (flat edge, bevel edge, round edge, pencil edge, ogee edge, etc.)
Drill holes, Cut notches, Silkscreen, Painted, Frosted, Acid etched, etc.
 Size:  Max3000*8000mm; Mini:300*300mm; Normal:1830*2440mm,2140*3300mm,2250*3660mm,etc.
PVB / SGP Color  Clear, Green, Blue, Bronze, Grey, Milky white ,pink, red, etc.
Glass Color  Clear, Extra Clear, French Green, Dark Green, Ford Blue, Dark Blue, Bronze, Euro Grey etc.
 Glass Type Common laminated glass, tempered laminated glass,
Coated laminated glass, Low-E laminated glass, Silkscreen laminated glass, Bulletproof laminated glass, Fireproof laminated glass, AR laminated glass, Wire laminated glass, Metal mesh laminated glass, Frosted laminated glass, etc.
 3+0.38+3mm, 4+0.38+4mm, 5+0.76+5mm, 6+0.76+6mm, 8+1.14+8mm, 10+1.52+10mm, etc.
 Quality Meet a criterion of the National GB / 9962-1999 & CE and ANSI Z97.1-2015

Below picture is the single panel glass which already cut to size, polished and washing well and finished tempered processed. Its is special-shaped tempered glass

Special-shaped structure Building tempered glass for skylight system

The finished glass product after boned of a layer of euro grey PVB/SGP film, it is special shaped tempered laminated glass panel show as below:

Special-shaped structure sunroof glass dedicated

Special-shaped white grey structure tempered laminated sunroof glass project:

Special-shaped white laminated sunroof glass


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