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China 3-19mm Colored and Patterned Silk Screen Printed Tempered Glass ManufacturerChina 3-19mm Colored and Patterned Silk Screen Printed Tempered Glass ManufacturerChina 3-19mm Colored and Patterned Silk Screen Printed Tempered Glass ManufacturerChina 3-19mm Colored and Patterned Silk Screen Printed Tempered Glass Manufacturer

China 3-19mm Colored and Patterned Silk Screen Printed Tempered Glass Manufacturer

  • High color stability, durable and without color fading
  • Safety glass with tempered glass desirable properties
  • Scratch resistant, Acid and Alkali resistant
  • Effective in providing solar shading
  • Thickness:3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • The max size could reach to 3300*8000mm,any customized size
  • Used for glass furniture and electronic glass products and so on


China Glass Factory Manufactured 3-19mm Colored and Patterned Ceramic Frit Glass 

Silk-screen printing glass is also called Ceramic frit glass or Enamel glass, is a special kind of decorative glass can make the designer create a subtle or bold look for a building-using various patterns and color. Silk screen printed glass is durable, scratch-proof, solar shading and with anti-glare effect. Its acid and moisture resistant features maintain colors for decades, whereas various color and graphic choices are an option. 

How to make Silk- screen printed glass? 

The first step in silk screen printed glass involves washing the annealed glass, we are always use the high quality clear float glass and low iron float glass or tinted float glass, Secondly, mix the ink paint, the ceramic frit paint is applied to one side of the glass. The last is fired it by the high temperature through tempering furnace to create a permanent coating. The glass is always either heat strengthened or fully tempered processed to prevent glass breakage due to thermal stresses under sunlit applications.

When designing with silk-screen patterns,its very important to select the pattern and color for the pattern and identify the pattern orientation.

JIMY Glass to ensure high quality use the lead free ceramic frit paints, which are environmentally friendly, to apply the silk-screen pattern or color onto the glass surface. Facts proved that our high quality ceramic frit paints are the product of choice for color consistency, durability, cost control and long life. For silk-screen applications, you can choose translucent and opaque as per demand.

Silkscreen Glass Characteristic 

• Special resistance to humidity making it ideal for use in high humidity rooms like kitchens and bathrooms;
• Use lead free safety paint, human harmless and environmental protection;
• Customizable white color linear patterns, durable outstanding effect;
• Absorbing and reflecting solar energy, improving solar control;
• Optimal concealing effect, protecting privacy;
• Heat treated, improved strength can be low-e coated, laminated, IGU assembled for multiple functions.


Glass Thickness: 3mm,4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
Glass Color: black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, gray, purple, any Pantone series color
Raw glass: clear float glass,extra Clear Glass, tinted float glass
Pattern: dot pattern, line pattern, and any other customized patterns as per desire
Shape: Flat or curved as per demand
Size: Max 2000*4500mm, mini 150*300mm, any customized size as per client’s requirements

Silk Screen Printed Glass Application 

• Furniture like Glass table top,cabinet doors,kitchen doors, wardrobe doors,etc
• Interior partitions and office enclosures
Shower doors and kitchen splash backs
• Balustrades and railings
• Flooring and staircases
• Switch glass panel
• Electronic product like freezer door etc.
 • Household appliance such as range hood, oven, fireplace & store

Difference between the Silk screen printed and Lacquered Glass 

The Silk screen printed glass made by high tempered, the Lacquered Glass is through low tempered, so the former color is more stronger never fall off on moisture circumstances,but the latter’s color is more easy to lose colour, fall off. The Lacquered Glass color looks more brightly with more smooth surface.

JIMY GLASS Company Available Silk-screen Printed Glass:

Silk-screen printed Tempered glass
Silk-screen printed heat-strengthened glass
Silk-screen printed Tempered Laminated glass
Silk-screen printed Heat-strengthened Laminated glass
Silk-screen printed Tempered Curved glass
Silk-screen printed Heat-strengthened Curved glass
Silk-screen printed Tempered Laminated Curved glass
Silk-screen printed Heat-strengthened Laminated Curved glass
Silk-screen printed Hot bent glass
Silk-screen printed Tempered (or heat-strengthened) Insulated Glass Units
Silk-screen printed Tempered (or heat-strengthened) Laminated Insulated Glass Units

Standard Silk-screen printing glass pattern


High quality colored and pattern silk-screen printed glass panels :

 colored-silk-screen printed glass panels

Silk Screen Printing decorative Pattern Glass Door:

Silk Screen Printing Glass Door

Screen print glass production Line :


Ceramic Frit Glass Safety Packing :

Ceramic Frit Glass packing


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