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6mm 8mm 10mm color patterned silk screen printing decorative glass supplier6mm 8mm 10mm color patterned silk screen printing decorative glass supplier6mm 8mm 10mm color patterned silk screen printing decorative glass supplier6mm 8mm 10mm color patterned silk screen printing decorative glass supplier

6mm 8mm 10mm color patterned silk screen printing decorative glass supplier

  • Silk-screen printing glass,ceramic frit glass,enamel glass,patterned silk-screen painted glass
  • High color stability, durable and without color fading
  • Safety glass with tempered glass desirable properties
  • Scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistant,effective in providing solar shading
  • Thickness:3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • The max size could reach to 3300*8000mm,any customized size
  • Used for glass furniture and electronic glass products and so on


China 6mm 8mm 10mm decorative silk screen printing glass

Silk-screen printed glass is a special kind of decorative glass,made by printing a layer of ceramic ink through the screen mesh on the surface of glass,then tempering or heat-strengthening process.As a result silk-screen printed glass is durable, scratch-proof,it even can reduce glare and decrease the rate of solar transmission, delivering potential cost savings in energy consumption.Its acid and moisture resistant features maintain colors for decades, whereas various color and graphic choices are an option. The tempered silk-screen printed glass has safety glass properties.

silk-screen printed glass factory

Unlimited printing pattern options:
With silkscreen-printed glass, patterns can be created using very small holes, dots, stripes, or solid shapes and can be used as a striking, cost-effective alternative to tinted or coated glass for reduced light transmission and privacy protection. We can also print images on our glass products ranging from simple monochrome text to vibrant full-color logos and much more.Screen printing on glass enables us to produce lites that are transparent, translucent, or fully opaque, depending on the colors and patterns specified by the customer. Whether you are seeking glass printed with striking images or subtle patterns.

pattern silk screen printing glasss

Silkscreen-printed glass advantage:
Applying ceramic frit to glass using silk screening and heat tempering produces a highly-durable product with maximum visual impact.Silk screen printing glass is easier to clean, less prone to staining, scratch-proof,anti-slip and able to hold up under more thermal and mechanical stress when compared with sandblasted or acid-etched glass. we are capable of screen printing on many types of glass, including insulated glass units, laminated glass panels, tinted glass and others. These properties make silkscreen-printed glass ideal for a vast array of indoor and outdoor applications.

Which kind of glass can made silk screen printing?
Glass Thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm.
Glass Color: clear or tinted glass(grey, blue, green, bronze)etc.
Raw glass: clear float glass,extra clear glass, tinted float glass,etc
Process glass:tempered glass,laminated glass,insulated glass,curved glass,etc.
Pattern: dot pattern, line pattern, and any other customized patterns as per desire. 
Size: Max 2000*4500mm, mini 150*300mm, any customized size as per client’s requirements.
Shape:flat glass or curved glass(first printing and then do curved process).
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Hight quality silk screen printed glass application:
10mm silk screen printed glass single layer perfect for architectural uses:
6mm patterned silk-screen printing glass can process into laminated glass used for flooring glass and staircases.
8mm decoration enamel glass paint opaque can process into tempered glass used for shower doors and kitchen splash back, railing,table top glass and many others.
6mm durable color printing glass also can process into insulated glass used for Interior partitions,office enclosures and curtain wall,etc.
JIMY company as a professional China ceramic frit glass manufacturers can production more combination for multiple functions.

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