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China switchable privacy laminated glass supplier, PDLC film electric control glass factoryChina switchable privacy laminated glass supplier, PDLC film electric control glass factoryChina switchable privacy laminated glass supplier, PDLC film electric control glass factoryChina switchable privacy laminated glass supplier, PDLC film electric control glass factory

China switchable privacy laminated glass supplier, PDLC film electric control glass factory

  • Switchable Glass also name Privacy Glass, Smart Glass ,PDLC Glass,Magic Glass.
  • Can change between transparent and opaque by voltage control
  • Provides privacy and save energy with a touch of switch
  • can be processed on flat shape or curved shape as per requirements
  • Used as bathroom glass,office partition glass,home window glass,glass showcase


China safety smart film laminated glass manufacturer


Switchable Glass is between two layers of glass with a layer of Liquid Crystal Membrane (commonly known as SMART FLIM,PDLC Film,light adjusting film), liquid crystal film by PVB film covered in the central, and then placed in the autoclave, after through the high temperature and high pressure to gluing process to made. Smart glass in addition to have privacy protection function, meanwhile has all safety glass application features .

JIMY GLASS COMPANY is renowned for manufacturing high quality switchable glass products that are highly functional and easy to use. The smart glass we provide you is include full configuration of power, remote controls, switch, and so on, after buy back you can directly installed to use. We manufacture and supply a wide range of electronically switchable privacy glass solutions that are distributed throughout the world.

Safety Switchable Glass Characteristic

• Changes from opaque to clear with switch

• Blocks 99% UV light when turned to opaque

• Provides privacy with a touch of switch

• Saves costs for heating, air-conditioning and lighting

• Avoids the cost of installing and maintaining blinds or curtains

• Degree of transparency can be controlled

Detailed specification 

- Glass name: Switchable Glass,Privacy Glass, Smart Glass ,PDLC Glass,Magic Glass.
- Category of technology: PDLC
- PDLC film: thickness 0.5mm, the widest size 1500m, and no limit on the length
- Glass thickness: 4+4mm, 5+5mm,6+6mm,8+8mm, any composition as per customer's requirement
- Glass size: Min size: 100x150mm,Max 3000*5000mm,
when size smaller than 1830*3300mm, one electrode is enough,
larger than 1830*3300mm, need to use two electrodes
Curved shape: Radius of 500- 5000mm, Arc length 500-3000mm
- Original Glass panel available: clear float glass, low iron float glass, tinted float glass,etc.
- Drilling holes and notch/ cut out: not suggestion
- Store temperatures : -20degrees C to 60 degrees C
- Working temperatures: -10degrees C to 50 degrees C
- Working Power: 24VAC,48VAC or 65VAC, 110v AC
- Light transmittance: 75%
- Privacy distance: shielding any image distance from glass the other side 3cm
- Viewing Angle: About 140°
- Average energy consumption:per square meter about 5 watts per hour
- Normal life: Above 10 years 

How does switchable privacy glass work?

When turn off the power supply of switchable glass, electric control smart glass inside the liquid crystal molecules will show irregular distribution state, the electronic glass show the appearance of the pervious to light and opaque state; When the electric control glass power on, the inside of the liquid crystal molecules present lined up,the light can penetrate freely, electric control smart glass instantly show transparent state. 

 how dose smart glass works

Small size smaple of Smart film glass:

small sample of smart glass

Safety Smart Glass Application:

Smart Glass / switchable glass is commonly used in partition screens, windows, roof-lights and doors, shopping malls, banks, jewelry stores and museums and exhibition showcase, security & teller screens and even serve as an excellent HD projection screen.

High quality safety curved shape Switchable glass :

curved shape Switchable glass

Flat Shape Smart Privacy Glass For Bathroom:

Smart Privacy Glass For Bathroom

Safety smart Privacy glass for glass wall 

smart glass panel wall


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