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Annual celebration of Jimy Glass 2020

  • Author:Bernice
  • Release on :2020-01-21
                Annual celebration of Jimy Glass 2020

The year 2019 quickly ended while working on our bus business, and it is 2020. We welcome 2020
Annual celebration! This is an unforgettable day. Here we summarize our performance and our gains
2019 and looking forward to 2020 better.

In 2019, the main events of the company are as follows:

1. Encouraged the Dubai Gulf Glass Exhibition, and won many of the potential test orders
Clients, visited over 20 important local clients in Dubai.

2. Improve our inspection department and formulate more stringent inspection standards.

3. Our Procurement Division has expanded and provided us with one-stop purchase of building glass
With accessories.

4. Set up product promotion discounts, to make our product information more

In 2019, we achieved rapid growth in the amount of orders, and here we want to thank everyone
Our customers, our progress depends on your support. We really appreciate it, and we will
We try our best to provide the best quality and service to you in 2020 :)

We also cherish the hard work and sweat of everyone who worked together in 2019, and laughter
The joy of playing together, small pieces of progress together.

In 2020, we will revive tomorrow's glory with full enthusiasm. As our choir sings,
tomorrow will be better !

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