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Do you know glass wardrobe?

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  • Release on :2017-03-29

As the fashion consumption view of wardrobe is popular, glass wardrobe come to people’s daily life. Glass wardrobe is is make up of MDF or solid wood for the main structure and its door is glass, which is full transparent door, semitransparent door and the opaque glass door. The topic of the glass wardrobe is putting the glass element to it and combined the other material to make it personalized. It’s a big process of creativity breakthrough for modern wardrobe and become more and more popular among young people.

The glass wardrobe is make of different kinds of glass which can create a stylish, simple, modern home environment. Most importantly, using the glass as the wardrobe door, in one hand, it helps to solve the problem of moist for the traditional MDF or solid wood wardrobe. In the other hand, the glass door is more easy to clear and it also can help you to enjoy the beauty of the lookout. Comparing with the traditional wardrobe, the glass wardrobe is not as safety as the MDF or solid wood wardrobe. The reason is that there is no one can make the wardrobe of tempered glass. The only choice is annealed glass, such as Acid Etched glass, paint glass, ultra clear float glass, silk screen glass etc. Different kinds of the glass will make a different function. Take the Acid Etched glass for example, it help you feel hazy, while clear float glass make you simply flesh.

Concerning the safety of the glass, people should be more attention when choosing the glass for wardrobe. There are two kinds of glass for wardrobe, one is annealed glass, the other is explosion proof glass which is increase the bursting disk of the glass. Even thought when it’s broken by external force, the glass particles will not crack everywhere which is easy to hurt people.

Glass wardrobe is become a trend in recent years, it can create a lot of rich patterns and make more vivid of the design, What’s more, it’s much more easier to cleaning and maintain, and make home more warm and confident.