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Glass furniture gradually replaced traditional furniture

  • Author:Jimyglass
  • Source:Original translation
  • Release on:2016-10-24

Glass furniture:

Glass furniture is generally used to strengthen the hardness of glass and metal frame, tempered glass clarity than ordinary glass 4-5 times. High hardness and toughened glass, durable, can withstand the conventional knock, touch, hit, the intensity of pressure, fully able to withstand the same weight and wooden furniture.

High-strength hardened glass, durable, can withstand conventional knock, touch, pressure, the intensity will gradually dispel the concerns of consumers in the past, but by this high-tech technology and innovative building materials combined with the interpretation of the trendy furniture out of a school of modern life, the romantic and cultural tastes deeply attracted. Commonly used glass furniture is also often favored by an important factor.


Smaller room in the bedroom, the most suitable for the selection is glass furniture, because the permeability of glass, can reduce the pressure of space, people in the past thinks that glass furniture makes people feel insecure.

Nowadays, glass materials especially used in home decoration have not only made breakthroughs in thickness and transparency, but also made the furniture made of glass both reliable and practical. In addition, the effect of art has been injected into the glass furniture. Practical at the same time, more decorative effect of beautifying the room

Commonly used glass types:

Glass plate: glass pieces to be polished and polished to make it transparent and smooth, that is, glass, senior glass surface is not a ripple, said the glass is made of advanced glass.

Curved glass: the glass placed on the mold after heating their own weight in accordance with the glass and their own bending, and then gradually made after the cold.

Tinted glass: colored glass that is containing the metal oxide glass, different metal oxides make glass with different colors, the bronze glass is glass containing iron oxide.

Glass mirror: made of advanced glass plate, the surface without ripple, for the back of the cabinet mirror and mirror and so on.

Toughened glass: When the glass is heated near the softening point, the glass surface is rapidly cooled, so that the compressive stress is distributed on the glass surface, while the tensile stress is in the center layer. Due to a strong and equal compressive stress, so that the tension generated by external tension stress, the glass is a strong compressive stress offset by increasing the safety of the use of glass. The strength of tempered glass is about 5 times that of ordinary glass. When the glass is destroyed by external forces, a large grain of beans, reducing the harm to the human body. Can be resistant to rapid changes in temperature (for example 5mm tempered glass, can be resistant to temperature range of 200 degrees).

Stereoscopic glass: the surface of the glass used in the spray process coupled with related technology, applicable to the table, cabinet doors, and so on.



In the glass making and furniture among a variety of classification, from the sense of permeability, color, function on a variety of points, today a brief introduction of several:

Ordinary glass: This does not explain.

Frosted glass: one side of the sand particles, one side of the glass-like, semi-transparent.

Atomized glass: the glass appears to have a layer of mist, the advantages do not eat fingerprints, easy to scrub.

Emulsion glass: glass side of the ordinary glass, roughly half a centimeter like, the middle part of the glass and fog similar, white mist, advantages, isolated rays.

Brushed glass: the color is partial green and white, the advantages do not eat fingerprints, with metal texture furniture is very modern.

Laminated glass: the middle of the glass there will be plastic folder, of course, this is your naked eye can not be seen from the outside, opaque, advantages, high strength, hammer smashing is not broken, the general bed to do, of course, cost is high.

Metal glass: metal particles soft glass material, high strength, shape is generally very unique.


Maintenance of common sense:

1, Glass furniture in use, it is necessary to put in a more fixed place, do not arbitrarily back and forth to move, put things, to gently take, avoid collision, move to promote the end of care is appropriate;

2, Clear furniture stains, you can use gasoline or alcohol and other organic solvents, it is best to use the market to sell the glass cleaning agent, should not use the hard thing of grinding scraping;

3, Glass furniture placed, to avoid moisture, away from the stove, with acid, alkali and other chemical reagents isolated to prevent corrosion and deterioration;

4, In the transport of glass furniture, to be fixed on the base of the casters to prevent sliding damage, handling, to maintain a smooth, not too large angle tilt;

5, Do not arbitrarily removed glass furniture on the combination of button-type plastic strips and other components.

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