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How does the soundproof glass work?

How does the soundproof glass work?

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. Original 2017-06-30 14:19:52

When talking soundproof glass, many people are confused with its function. Soundproof glass has a certain blocking effect. Reduce the real noise pollution effectively. Maybe people will still doubt about if the soundproof glass can work?

What is soundproof glass?

Sound insulation glass consists of double or three glass. We call it laminated glass. The thickness of the glass will influence the insulation. Absorbing the sound waves of transparent glass when filling the sound absorber in the window frame, to make the noise in each band is effectively isolated.

The principle of soundproof glass
1.Outdoor sounds are generated by vibration and the noise is propagated through the air medium. Doors and windows are also through the vibration of the sound into the room. As long as you can control the vibration of doors and windows glass and adjust as needed, in this way, You can achieve the effect of noise. This vibration produces sound, Vibration is a physical phenomenon that stimulates hearing. When the frequency of 15 ~ 20000 Hz vibration, it will produce hearing.
2.When the noise is passed to the soundproof glass doors and windows. And then by the sound glass successive attenuation, especially when the noise is through the noise damping glue. If noise and high frequency noise are absorbed by the noise damping rubber, twisting, shock absorption, attenuation, can be medium and high frequency noise effectively filter. Finally, there will be only about 5% noise come into the indoor.

The advantage of soundproof glass

1.Soundproof laminated glass, Using the world's common spacecraft for the window of the double-layer insulation technology. It will not be crushed, not splashing and causing other injuries and so on. But also can withstand the impact of small explosions. Glass material capacity 18kg / m2.
2.Sound insulation glass film as a middle film and two layers of glass by a special process processing, it’s a very high technological content of new environmentally friendly glass products
3.Acoustic glass profiles with high strength industrial aluminum profiles. The surface of the use of static wing spray, the appearance of luxurious generous, durable.
4.Add a new additive to the soundproof glass PVC airtight, Using soft and hard composite process. Thanks to good flexibility, small telescopic variants, facelift easy, it can applicable to natural temperature.

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