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How to change the color of the glass?

How to change the color of the glass?

Jimy glass original 2017-03-27 19:49:32

Nowadays, people use colorful light bulbs to decorate the feast: take a picture of the picture to put a color filter on the camera lens with color, yellow, red, blue, green and other colors: a touching drama, if not colorful lights with the performance of the effect will be greatly reduced; in the music of the ballroom, if there is no variety of colors with the light, it will make the music dynamic atmosphere weakened. So, how are these gorgeous colored glass made?

Ordinary clear float glass is made of quartz sand, soda ash and limestone smelting, it is a composition of non-fixed silicate mixture. People originally made out of the glass is some poor transparency, and with some color of the small size glass.Its color is not people consciously added to, just because of the raw materials used is impure, mixed into the results of impurities. At that time the color of the glass is only used for decorations, the quality requirements are not high. But today's color glass has a very high technical composition, This need to uncover the secret of glass color,after that can only be produced.

After research, it was found that if the cleat float glass ingredients by adding 0.4% to 0.7% of the coloring agent, you can make the tinted glass, colorants are mostly metal oxides. Each metal element has its unique "spectral characteristics", so different metal oxides can show a different color. If these oxides are added to the glass ingredients, the glass is colored. Such as adding chromium oxide, the glass is green; adding manganese dioxide, the glass is showing purple; adding cobalt oxide, the glass is blue, and the protective glasses for steelmakers and welders are made of this glass.

In fact, the color of the glass depends not only on the added colorants, but also by melting the temperature and the nature of the furnace to adjust the elemental valence, so that the glass showing a different color.

Now, people with rare earth oxide as a colorant made a variety of advanced color glass. Mixed with rare earth elements of color glass, bright color, bright color, and even in different light to change the color. In addition to rare earth elements, in the glass directly add tungsten and platinum, can also be made of tinted glass.

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