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How to choose the best heat control glass to make interior comfortable in Summer?

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  • Release on:2016-10-21

When the hottest summer is coming, the exterior sun light will give us a lot of troubles because the sun heat also comes into our house with it, which will make our house very hot and uncomfortable. In this situation, it’s very important for us to control the solar heat get inside, but do you know what kind of glass could meet our requirement? Below some suggestions for you.

About the solar control glass, they have special ability to absorb, transmit and reflect the light and heat, so when we use them on the windows and curtain walls reasonably, they can help us save a lot of energy and keep inside comfortable. The most common solar control glass we use is tinted float glass, reflective glass and insulated glass.

About the tinted float glass, it is made by adding metal oxides during the manufacturing of clear float glass. The color tinted glass could absorb the solar light so that reduce the heat get into interior, so by this principle, the shading coefficient (SC) of tinted float glass is lower than the SC of clear float glass.

But no matter winter or summer, the tinted float glass will absorb the solar light and heat, they don’t have selectivity for the spectrum, so in one hand, the tinted glass only good for the place where have long time hot weather, and not the place where have long time cold weather. And in the other hand, when the glass absorb the light, it also could control the light transmit, which will effect interior lighting, make inside dark even on day.

About the reflective glass, it is produced by created a perfect uniform layer of metal oxide chemically bonded to the surface of the glass, to change performance of the glass. According to the different characteristics, the reflective glass can be divided into solar reflective glass and low emissivity glass.

The metal oxide layer of the solar reflective glass could reflect more solar radiation, to control sun radiation get into our house, to reach the lower shading coefficient. But the solar reflective glass also have some shortcomings: First, the insulation performance of the solar reflective glass is almost the same as the clear float glass, so this kind glass is not suitable for the cold place where have big different temperature between inside and outside. Just good for the hot place where have strong solar light, because this kind glass will have great heat control performance. Second, at the same time of solar radiation, the solar reflective glass will limit the light get inside, it’s not good for our house get the natural light. Third, if the reflecting rate is too high, will have light pollution, but if it is too low, couldn’t reach the energy saving requirement.

About the low emissivity glass (low e glass), it has a thin metallic coating on the glass that reflects thermal radiation or inhibits its emission reducing heat transfer through the glass. Compare to solar reflective glass, it won’t limit the visible light transmittance. But it’s metallic coating surface is not so durable, so generally, it makes into double glazed units, not used as single glass panel.

About the insulated glass units, it consists of two (sometimes more) panes of glass separated by an aluminum spacer and sealed together at the edge. The insulating airspace is filled with dry air or a noble gas, such as argon or krypton inside to slow the heat exchange and reduce noise levels. But for insulated glass, the best advantage is its thermal conductivity, not thermal insulation properties, so in the evening of some hot place, because of insulating glass good insulation properties, the indoor heat is difficult to distribute, which is not good for energy saving.

In a word, different glass has different characteristics, different glass suit for different situation, if you want to choose the best solar control glass for your house, please contact us any time, we will do our best to help you.


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