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How to use a glass partition wall to create a stylish kitchen partition?

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  • Release on :2018-06-15

How to use a glass partition wall to create a stylish kitchen partition?

Most people will knock out one wall of the kitchen for beauty and space. Although the effect of partitioning is good, it can be difficult to make the appearance beautiful without destroying the overall feeling. There are also many places to consider and design. In this regard, JIMY will introduce better design solutions for everyone. We will get 2 ways and hope to help everyone!

Method one: Using glass walls, transparent and cut off fumes
Many people want to have open functions in the kitchen and want to cut off smoke.It is best handled with a glass wall. This is both transparent and barrier-free. It is also very sound-proof and the noise in the kitchen cannot be heard outside.

There are many material choices for glass walls, from the safety to choose, you can choose tempered glass and laminated glass, such as 10mm clear tempered glass, or 5+0.76PVB+5mm laminated glass. As an indoor partition, insulated glass is not so Meaningful, even if it has a good sound insulation.

Reminder: The deficiency of glass walls is that they cannot be hung on the top like light walls. They can only be used for partitions and decorations, but they are much better in permeability than light walls. However, the glass needs to be cleaned frequently, otherwise the fumes are large, and it takes a long time to accumulate together and it is not easy to clean. If the area of the glass wall is too large, cleaning will be more trouble.

Method two: partially open proper occlusion:

Some people do not want to completely seal up the kitchen, they would like to make a half-cut design.In fact, the kitchen and other areas of the way a lot of cut off, use bar,glass, stainless steel, curtains and other materials.However, this half-isolation method does not have much effect on fumes, because fumes are not blocked by some partitions.

If the kitchen is made partially open and only one table-sized location is connected to the dining room, such fumes are better handled. Cooking can be blocked with glass, curtains, or other things. When the cooking is completed, the smoke is cleaned and the baffle is removed.

tempered glass kitchen partition wall

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