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Kitchen wall glass selection tips

  • Author:Jimy glass
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-08-14

Kitchen wall glass selection tips

The kitchen is a place to cook, so its hygiene is very important. At present the kitchen walls are generally used in tiles, But in the damp and smoke filled kitchen,choose the glass wall will be easier to clean. There is more important point of the glass wall more translucent, make the smaller kitchen more wide in the visual. Now that the glass wall is so good, how can we choose the kitchen wall glass? Now let's take a look at the experienced people how to choose the kitchen wall glass?

1, to choose a well-known brand of kitchen wall glass:
Choose the kitchen wall glass is the brand choice. Now there are many well-known brands of kitchen wall glass products are very good, whether it is quality or that the design is done well. Maybe you will say that the price of well-known brands will be more expensive. But in fact the overall cost-effective and the use of quality products for these brands will be better, so even when you compared to other manufacturers of kitchen wall glass, the price will be more expensive, but definitely worth it. detail check the kitchen wall glass quality:
Must be the kitchen wall glass quality issues in the first place. If the quality is not good, then the kitchen wall glass will soon be damaged in use, when you need to re-replace, which is not only costly effort. So for long-term considerations, in the purchase of kitchen wall glass or when the quality should be selected more than the kitchen wall glass, so that when they use the time will feel at ease some of the rest assured.

3. kitchen glass wall detection:
In the choice of kitchen glass wall, you can use the fingers to tap the glass surface, and then listen to the sound, if the sound crisp that is the tempered glass,While the sound  withdrawn is ordinary annealing glass.Kitchen is a fume and temperature relatively high place, so in the choice of kitchen glass, you should choose tempered glass.

4. professional at home installation:
After the purchase of glass is the best professional installation of the door, so as to avoid improper installation and increase the risk coefficient, increase the possibility of tempered glass self-explosion. At the same time,when you purchase of glass, you can choose heat soaked treated tempered glass, because the heat soaked tempered glass has been resolved out of the problem of glass self-explosion when it finish production, relatively will reduce a lot of trouble later.

Good looks kitchen wall glass in the use of the overall design when the effect will be better, you will feel good mood when you in a nice kitchen. So when you choose the kitchen wall glass,good looking is very important.JIMY GLASS COMPANY supply such as silk screen tempered glass, laminated fabric tempered glass, digital printing tempered glass and other options to meet the customer's different design patterns and colors. Kitchen wall glass can let the outdoor light pass through in the kitchen, to create a natural bright feeling, while the home can make modern style more rich, more loved by the young family. So a special kitchen wall glass may be your nice choice.

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