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Shenzhen University Library used U profile channel glass curtain wall

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  • Release on :2017-07-21

Shenzhen University Library used U profile channel glass curtain wall

Shenzhen University Library is located in the Shenzhen University landmark on the north side of the azalea mountain.There is beautiful environment, quiet and elegant, tree-lined, with a subtropical atmosphere. Therefore, the architect's design philosophy is to use simple lines, outline a fusion with the knowledge and content of the building space. The design is not fancy structural modeling, pink and white external walls and the installation of the U-shaped glass curtain wall, as well as sunken space at the same time with the pool, so that the whole building and the surrounding environment is very harmonious.

Compared to the University of Utrecht library building in Holland, the pursuit of architectural functions is also crucial. Designers not only make the building functional and practical, but also highlights the essential characteristics of each building and its spatial layout, each building has a unique, while they can also play a complementary role. Materials, details and color schemes are carefully selected, and they create the unity of the building. This layout makes the entire library very bright and transparent, it creates an attractive people can be studious environment, where students can walk around the bookshelf to enjoy leisure time, you can also in a talk to friends in some areas.

Shenzhen University Library in the use of U-glass curtain wall, well aware of the performance of this material. Such as light transmission and light diffuse reflection, heat insulation,high mechanical strength, not only widely used,simple construction, and has a unique architectural and decorative effects, and can save a lot of light metal profiles, so in the each side of the curtain wall is equipped with a small balcony, this is very user-friendly, when students starting do not interfere with the outside world, if necessary, you can walk out to outdoor to relax tired eyes.

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