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The Tallest curtain wall building was completed in Guangzhou

The Tallest curtain wall building was completed in Guangzhou

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. Original 2017-02-11 11:07:19

The tallest curtain wall building in Guang zhou named East Tower which was finished successfully in December 2016. Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center also named Guangzhou East Tower. It’s located in the CBD central location of Zhujiang New Town. The total height of the building was 530 meters. At present, it’s regarded as the tallest building in Guangzhou and No.3 in China. Comparing with the Shanghai Central whose height is 632 meters, it only 100 meters lower than it. So it was identified for the No.5 skyscraper in the world by Councilon Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, CTBUH.

There are total 117 floors and 507,700 SQM covered area for East Tower, including 112 floors on the ground and 5 floor undergrounds. Office, meeting central, hotel and shopping central are in different floors. All these making convenience for people’s daily life and work.

The developers of the East Tower are New World China real estate, with the Group's K11 and Gui Li Hotel. Among these, K11 office owning 53 floors whose covered area over 220,000 SQM with 10 floors grade A office building and 70,000 SQM shopping central. Gui Li Hotel located on the top 16 floors with 251 rooms and suites. There are coffee shop, bar, food store and meeting venue with 2,250 SQM People can enjoy the entertainment when they spent the time in Gui Li Hotel. And the breaking new is that the Hotel will be open in this year.

The construction of the curtain wall building

Curtain wall: It covers 120,000 SQM and project value of the curtain wall is over 300 billion. The glass used in curtain wall are Low E insulated glass. It offers high transmission with solar control and retains the natural look with neutral appearance glass products.

Aluminum: Use the famous brand of the aluminum to become the ultra-high strength of the main structure of the tower curtain wall structure to be  the "skeleton" support. All these making the profile of the complex structure to meet the  quality requirements.

Hardware: the project handle, transmission rod, actuators, hinges, etc., are used as "hardware experts" Kennedy Lang brand, a perfect fit as a landmark project, the application of component are need to be high quality and grade A.

Structural adhesive:Using Dow Corning silicone sealant to against damage from the sun, rain, snow and extreme high and low temperature. The original design performance of the interface will not change significantly due to aging and exposure to the atmosphere, and the sealant can still maintain water and weather resistance, escorting the structural safety of the curtain wall

Glass: The glass type used for the whole project is insulated glass, tempered extra clear float glass, laminated glass, curved tempered glass etc. These glass widely applicated in the East Tower Maximum likely increases the safety factor and energy efficiency.

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