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The diversity shape of the glass

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  • Release on :2016-11-17

Glass as one of building material, is been widely used all over the building to decorative our  building more beautiful and with design. Its plane shape can be square, rectangular, triangular, round, oval, arbitrary polygon,etc. ; its space configuration can be single curved surface, double curved surface, spherical surface,etc. The plane shape combination with the space shape can produce various shapes. Building is physical art, spatial structure art, so the variety glass shape can make the manifestation of building shape and structure a flexible means. 

For example, Beijing Xiangshan Botanical Garden exhibition greenhouse is adopt the overall glass curtain wall construction. In order to maximum limit in conformity with the architectural appearance, glass was precisely divided into different sizes, different forms of more than 8,000 pieces, so that the architectural style is very unique, perfectly embodies the charm of architectural art.

Such as Beijing Xidan Cultural Square, cone glass day-lighting roof is conical glass curtain wall, this day-lighting roof view from the side is triangular form, so that its curtain-wall glass all are used triangular, make its appearance echo the whole of building shapes. From the above two cases can be seen, the diversity of glass shape not only enriched the architectural forms of beauty, but also allows the construction of local and overall relationship more in perfect harmony.

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