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A lovely and hard-working customer from Chile

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  • Release on :2016-10-26

Shenzhen Jimy Glass, from 1993 to now, have been doing business with hundreds of customers around the world, some of them do glass processing like tempering, laminating, insulating, etc., some of them do glass distribution, and some of them purchase the glass to make windows and doors. Every customer has his own personality, and we are always trying to do the best for every customer.


Luis, from Chile, born in 1988, a very young and handsome man, we have done business together near two years, though he is only doing small window and door business, don’t need huge quantity glass, what he need every time is 4mm 3mm colorless float glass, 3mm clear silver mirror and 6.38mm clear laminated glass mix one container, we are very willing to do business with him, because he works very hard and treats business very seriously. During our business, sometimes, he got troubles because of the glass, but he could calm down and solve problems with us together, for example, one time, the glass arrived at his warehouse broken, he didn’t know what could do, and he don’t speak English, at that time, the first thing he did is not angry, what he did is asked his friend who comes from China to help him call me, and tell me all the details. Finally, he got compensation of all the broken glass promptly.


This morning, he was happy to inform me that he has received the new container, and everything is excellent, thank you for all of us. At this moment, I was so appreciated, because he didn’t angry about this container arrived a little late because of the busy season, but appreciated for what we do for him. How a good customer he is!


We are really appreciated for every customer who trust us and do long term business with us, we are sure who do business with us will get high profit and make his business stronger and stronger, just as Luis, from one container every three month to now one or two containers every month, for him, trust that it is a big step!


The photos from Luis

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