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When house decoration,how to choose glass type for differen place?

When house decoration,how to choose glass type for differen place?

Jimyglass Original translation 2016-10-26 17:30:02

In the decoration, we are most concerned about using what kind of paint,wood,varnish. ... But few people care about their own home finally used what kind of glass, in fact, In fact, the use of glass is also very worthy of attention.

First,flat glass

Flat glass: According to different production methods, divided into ordinary flat glass and float glass. Flat glass is the most used one of its uses can be divided into window glass and decorative glass, played lighting, enclosure, insulation, sound insulation, such as the role of flat glass. Float glass is superior in the flat glass products. Can be used as cut off, as steel, sandwich, coating, hollow glass and other original films.

Second, safety glass

Safety glass is compared with ordinary glass, with high mechanical strength, impact resistance and strong glass. Its main varieties are tempered glass, folder wire glass, laminated glass and titanium glass. Safety glass is crushed, the debris will not hurt, and also has anti-theft, fire prevention function. According to the production of glass used in the original film, safety glass has a decorative effect.


Third, energy-saving glass

Traditional glass applications in buildings is mainly lighting, with the building doors and windows of the size of the increase, people's doors and windows of the thermal insulation requirements also increased accordingly, energy-saving decorative glass is able to meet this requirement, set energy-saving And decorative in one of the glass. Energy-saving decorative glass usually has a pleasing appearance of color, but also has a special light and heat absorption, transmission and reflection capabilities, with the building facade window glass curtain wall, can play a significant energy saving effect, now is widely used in a variety of high-level buildings on top. Building energy-saving decorative glass commonly used in heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflective glass and insulating glass.


Fourth, structural glass

Structural glass can be used in the main parts of the building, such as doors and windows, inside and outside the wall, translucent roof, ceiling materials and floors, etc., is a modern building envelope material, this envelope not only has a specific functional role , And can make the building colorful. Structural glass main varieties are: glass curtain wall, glass tiles, shaped glass, imitation glass, and so on.


Fifth, decorative glass

(A) Tinted glass

Tinted glass can be put into various patterns, and corrosion-resistant, anti-erosion, easy to clean features, mainly used in the building of the external walls, doors and windows decorated with light and special requirements of the site.

(B) Painting glass

Paint the glass features are: exquisite design, do not fade, do not fade, easy to clean, according to the requirements of users or art design patterns. Paint glass has good chemical stability and decorative, widely used in interior finishes, general building foyer and staircase between the decorative layer and the building exterior finishes.

(C) Pattern glass

Pattern glass used for offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms and public places, such as doors and windows and partition separation room. The pattern side should be used indoors.

(D) Glass brick

Glass brick, also known as glass mosaic, its chemical composition and stability, good thermal stability, rain can be self-cleaning, durable often new, is a good wall decoration materials.

(E) Mirror glass

Mirror glass is a mirror, in the decoration works often use the mirror reflection and refraction to increase the sense of space and distance, or change the lighting effect.

(F) Sandblasting glass

Sandblasted glass, also known as frosted glass is easy to produce such a diffuse glass, only translucent and not through perspective, as the doors and windows glass interior light can be soft, there is no sense of glaring. General for the bathroom, office and other needs of privacy and non-interference in the room; can also be used for interior partition and light box as a light box to use. Frosted glass can also be used as a blackboard.

(G) Laser glass

Laser glass colors are silver, blue, gray, purple, red and other. According to its structure has a single layer and mezzanine points. It applies to hotel, objects, all kinds of commercial, cultural center, recreational facilities decoration

tinted glass and frosted glass for decoration