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What influences will bring out if buy the inferior insulated glass?

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
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  • Release on :2016-10-26

Hollow glass,it also called insulated glass unit or double-glazing glass.
It consists of two (sometimes more) panels of glass separated by an aluminum spacer and sealed together at the edge.It is designed to keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer,perfect for heat control,energy saving,soundproof and environmental protection. 

But more and more manufacturers are trying to produce insulated glass unit,at the same time,we can find many inferior hollow glass come out in the market.what influences will bring out if buy the inferior insulated glass?let's talk about it! 

1.From the appearance transparency,energy-saving,thermal insulation property:Due to use the unqualified desiccant or sealant,some bad things will bring out,including dewing,salt out,dust pollution,Volatile matter pollution and so on;Outdoor can't be seen clearly due to the transparency reduce,and the functions of energy-saving,heat control and soundproof will be lost. 

2.From safety performance:Due to use the unqualified desiccant(suction volume is too large) or uneven glass thickness of glass sheet to make hollow glass,differences in temperature changes caused by hollow glass inside and outside the pressure difference,then the glass will be damaged,or accident will be happen,especially high-rise wall glass,once the glass is exploded or peeled off,you can't image what will be happen. 

3.Cost increased:working life of the insulated glass reduce,not only spend your money to change the new one replance of it,but also the social burden increased!    

So if you want to import insulated glass,don't forget to find the professional factory to help you avoid the problems! Well,if you want to ask how to find a professional factory?welcome contact us!

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