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A trip to Wu Tong Mountain

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  • Release on :2018-07-01
We sales department of Jimy Glass company had a trip to Wu Tong Mountain yesterday. Wutong Mountain Scenic Area is located in the coastal area of 113 °17'~114 °18' east longitude and 22 °23'~22 °43' north latitude. It is in the east of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, west to Shenzhen Reservoir, east to Yantian Port, and north to south. boundary. With an area of 31.82 square kilometers, it was approved by the Ministry of Forestry in 1989 to establish a national forest park (Wutongshan National Forest Park). In May 1993, it was awarded a provincial-level scenic spot by the Guangdong Provincial Government. It was announced by the State Council as a national scenic spot on December 31, 2009.

It’s really a nice trip. It takes around 3 hours to finish this trip. All of us insisted the trip from beginning to the end, none of us complain the difficulty of climbing the mountain. Just like the spirit which we had on our work. Never abandon, never give up. Our boss, Mr Bright, regarding us as his brothers and sisters, we seems to be a nice family. We help each other and love each other, no matter on work or on life. He leads us to work better, live better. Our mission is: we are a family.  On work, we try our best to help our customers and meet their demands. We are ensure all of the building glass they bought from us is the best quality in China.

After climbing the mountain, now all of us are full of energy, we are ready to serve you any time.
You can feel free to contact JIMY GLASS any time if you have such demands:
1. Tempered glass for windows and doors glass, table top glass, railing glass, shower enclosure glass etc.
2. Laminated glass for floor glass, balustrade glass, fins glass, interior partition wall glass, canopy glass, elevator glass etc.
3. Insulated glass for roof glass, curtain wall glass, window glass etc.
4. U glass for façade glass.
5. Many others.

Welcome inquiry any time.