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To know more about heat soaked glass

  • Author:JIMY GLASS
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  • Release on :2018-07-19

The glass material is more and more popular used for decoration interior and exterior building, like glass window, glass door, glass handrail railing, glass roof, glass skylight, glass curtain wall, etc. Except for the attractive looking, what’s the most you concerned about? For sure is the safety, people’s safety. That’s why heat soaked test glass is a trend. It can be heat soaked tempered glass, heat soaking tempered laminated glass, heat soaked tempered insulated glass. Today let’s talk about the heat soaked glass, hope it can help to know more about it.

What’s the heat soak test glass?
Heat soaking is a secondary process to the toughening process. The process involves placing the tempered glass inside a chamber and raising the temperature to 290 ºC to accelerate nickel sulfide expansion. It can help to reduce of the toughened safety glass breaking spontaneously after installation. Therefore reducing the costs on replacement, maintenance or disruption, etc. Compared to the tempered safety glass, it adds cost but carries the risk of reducing the compressive stress in tempered glass.

The process of HST glass
Following the tempering process, the glass is heated to a temperature of about 290C for 2 hours of the heat-soak period, and then cooled slowly. This process allows the inclusions to revert to their original form and thus regain their stability. In all probability, the glass that have NiS inclusions will break during this heat soaking process, the explosion rate lower than 0.001%. The advantage is to minimize the risks of accidents and injury for humans.

The applications of heat soaking glass
Available to make as heat soaking tempered safety glass, heat soaked toughened laminated glass, heat soaked tempered insulated glass, widely used for window, door, balustrade, roof, skylight, curtain wall, high level glazing, etc.

What colors of heat soaked glass you can get it from JimyGlass?
1) tempered heat soaked glass: clear tempered HST glass, ultra clear toughened HST glass, color tinted tempered HST glass, color reflective heat soaked tempered glass, frosted tempered heat soaked glass, etc.
2) heat soaked laminated glass: heat soaked clear laminated glass, ultra clear toughened laminated HST glass, color tempered laminated heat soaking glass, with PVB or SGP film, etc.
3) HST tempered insulated glass: clear tempered insulated HST glass, low e tempered insulated HST glass, color reflective insulated heat soaking glass, etc.

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