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Can bulletproof glass be tempered

Can bulletproof glass be tempered

JIMY GLASS original 2018-09-28 10:44:43

What’s bulletproof glass?

Bulletproof glass is scientifically composed of multiple transparent float glass with different PVB films of different thicknesses. We also call it bulletproof laminated glass. In order to enhance the anti-theft performance of the glass, both the thickness of the glass and the thickness of the PVB are increased. Since the glass and PVB film are very strong, they become almost a whole, and because of the high hardness of glass, PVB film has good toughness. When the bullet touches the glass, Their impact energy is weakened to a very low level or even zero, so it can't penetrate. Similarly, the impact of metal can only break the glass and not penetrate, therefore, it plays the role of bulletproof anti-theft. The thickness of each piece of glass and the total thickness of the finished glass depends on the place of use.

Bulletproof anti-theft glass can be used as military defense, guard glass at the bank counter, jewelry jade,valuables display cabinets such as gold and silver jewelry and other specific work and living places.

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What’s tempered glass?

There are two kinds of tempered glass production processes: One is to process ordinary flat glass or float glass under specific process conditions by quenching or air-cooling quenching. The other is to pass ordinary flat glass or float glass by ion exchange method, the surface composition of the glass is changed, and the surface of the glass is formed into a laminated stress layer.

Tempered glass has high impact strength (4~5 times higher than ordinary flat glass), high flexural strength (5 times higher than ordinary flat glass), good thermal stability, smooth, transparent etc. When it is broken, the fragments are scattered and fine particles, and there is no sharp edge, so it is also called safety glass.

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Can bulletproof glass be tempered?

The standard of bulletproof glass is not allowed to be tempered.

1. If the bulletproof glass is tempered, after receiving the impact, the film in the middle of the granular breakage of the tempered glass is soft and the whole glass is easily collapsed. The ordinary glass is broken after being impacted, and the rigidity of the glass is not the graininess.

2. The tempered glass is broken after being impacted. The line of sight inside and outside the counter is completely blocked. The personnel inside the counter are completely unaware of the outside situation. Reasonable protective measures cannot be taken in time.

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