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Change the shape of the plate glass

  • Author:Jimyglass
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  • Release on :2016-10-13

Change the shape of the plate glass

As we all know,plate glass is generally smooth and flat, but in daily use,people often need some radian or curved glass.This requires need to changing the shape of the plate glass.

At present,the main products are curved bending glass,glass fruit plate,glass lid,etc,but their molding principle is roughly the same.

Arc bending glass:also known as bending glass,curved glass.It is the second temperature to near softening temperature,according to demand,after grinding tool pressure deformation.

According to the degree of bending is divided into shallow bend and deep bend.

Shallow bend is mainly used in the construction of windscreen and glass furniture decoration series (such as TV cabinet,wine cabinet,coffee table),etc.

Deep bend can be widely used in horizontal freezer,display counter,elevator elevator corridor, glass ceiling,ornamental aquarium and so on.If the bending process in the hot bending is curved tempered glass,such as glass lid.

Now some of the curved glass curtain wall in order to ensure its security,and more use of curved  tempered glass.

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