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Shenzhen attracts the world's attention again!

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  • Release on :2016-10-13

Shenzhen attracts the world's attention again! 

The second session of National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week just held in Shenzhen on Otc 12,2016.Shenzhen attract the world's attention again.

The led by prime minister Li keqiang,provincial and municipal all leaders are attend,and the strongest guests including:Apple CEO Cook,Facebook CEO Zuckerberg,Linkedin CEO Hoffman,The world's richest man Bill Gates,Huawei CEO Ren zhengfei,Alibaba CEO Jack Ma,Tencent CEO Ma huateng,Baidu CEO Li yanhong,Jingdong CEO Liu qiangdong,all are visited Shenzhen bay park headquarters,together to discuss the innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Why in Shenzhen? You can't image how strong of shenzhen,the development and the innovation how fast in Shenzhen. 

1. It has 350 listed company's headquarters. 
2. In the lasting 23 years,it's the No.1 in Export volume. 
3. High-tech industry and innovation continue increasing. 
4. It has a lot chance for people to build a wonderful life,strive for your dream here. 

This time Cook also announced that he said Apple planned to seize the worker advantage to increase investment on research,will set up second China research center.
Innovation is the one of most important survival condition for an enterprise. 

Glass as for a traditional product,the product of oneness can't meet the customer's requested.from clear float glass to color float glass,from tempered safety glass to laminated glass and insulated glass,from glass range to application field to glass functions,make different and diversity to win the market.such as,insulated glass to keep home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

Do you like Shenzhen?welcome you visit here!

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