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China New Year's Eve

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The origin of the Spring Festival:

The Chinese New Year is the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar,nother name is Spring Festival.Chinese New Year is the grandest, most lively, the most important of an ancient traditional festivals, is unique to the Chinese people's festivals, is the most concentrated expression of Chinese civilization.Most of our activities are to worship gods and worship ancestors, pray for peace, good harvest and health. Activities in the form of rich and colorful, with a strong national characteristics. May 20, 2006, "Spring Festival" by the State Council approved the inclusion of folk customs in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

New Year's Eve is the eve of the Spring Festival, also known as "Thirty Evening". There is a legend: in ancient times there is a ferocious monster called Xi, each end of the year will come out to harm people and livestock.Later, people know that "XI"is most afraid of red things and loud voice.So New Year's Eve night, every household posted red couplets, firecrackers to let monster away, pray for peace. This custom handed down from the 30th night will be called the New Year's Eve. Since then, the annual New Year's Eve, every family posted red couplet, set off firecrackers; households candlelight, all night long. On next early morning, we visited relatives, friends, and blessed each other. This custom spread more widely, has become the most solemn traditional Chinese folk festival.

New Year's Eve, all family members together to eat "family reunion dinner", all people go home, and the family warm together for the winter. Eat the group dinner, the table will have a "fish" can not eat, because the fish on behalf of "wealthy" and "surplus money", a symbol of the coming year, "Fortune and Fortune", It is untouchable, has been placed after the New Year

New Year will certainly need lucky money."Lucky Money" is put some money into a red paper bag.Adults will give"Lucky Money" to children, meaning healthy and happy, step by step. Young people give "lucky money" to the elderly, meaning the health and longevity.

Today is China 2016 New Year's Eve,Jimy Glass Company wish all of you and your family:
Good health, happness and business is booming!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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