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The tips of bathroom mirror cleaning

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  • Release on :2017-01-29

Nowadays, silver mirror, aluminum mirror and safety mirror is widely used for architectural decoration. Especially in shopping mall, gymnasium, bathroom etc. Today let's talk something about bathroom mirror. Generally speaking, we will choose the silver mirror and aluminum mirror for bathroom, but most of the time, people will prefer to silver mirror because it's anti-oxidation. All the Silver mirror used for bathroom is after cut to suitable size. In this way, water steam is easy to come into the mirror glass causing a series of problem such as corrosion mirror, mildew and rust point etc. So how to clean the mirror glass in the humid bathroom environment?
1. Cleaning: 
We can spray the glass cleaner on the mirror surface, wiping away by newspaper when there is any stain or not bright.

2.Mirror anti-fog
There are two ways to avoid the mirror fog. Firstly, before taking the bath, you can put the soap on the mirror surface then wipe away by a dry duster cloth, then you can see a layer of soap liquid film, which can prevent mirror from dim. Secondly, you can also use the toning lotion or cleanser on the mirror to keep the water vapor way. Both of the two method can have an excellent effect on anti-fog.

3.Mirror daily maintenance
Do not tough the mirror when you hands are wet or please do not clean the glass by wet duster cloth to avoid the humidity come into the mirror. When you want to clean the mirror, you'd better choose the dry duster cloth nor cotton. To prevent the mirror from scratched. The best way to keep the mirror with high transparency is cleaning the mirror and frame with milk or wax.

4 Mirror frame cleaning and maintenance
Please do not use any glass cleanser to clean the mirror frame. If you want to do the cleaning, the best method is to use the soft cloth or feather to dusting the dirt on the mirror frame way.

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