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Difference between curved tempered glass and bent annealed glass

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  • Release on :2017-02-02

As to the curved glass, it includes curved tempered glass and bent annealed glass, both of them are more and more popular in the furniture industry and architectural industry, because they could maximize meet the architects and designers’ requirements, to make the furniture and building more and more attractive.


Both curved tempered glass and bent curved annealed glass, could make from clear float glass, low iron glass, tinted float glass, reflective glass, patterned glass, frost glass, silkscreen glass, and could use to make different types of laminated glass and insulated glass as per customized requirements. But what’s the difference between the curved tempered glass and bent curved annealed glass?


1- Production Process

The curved tempered glass is manufactured the flat float glass through the mold shaping by computer control and then quick cooling, it’s safety glass. While the curved annealed glass is produced by heating flat float glass up to the softening point on metal mold, and then curved to shape by weight of glass itself and outside force, and finally slowly cooled down, it’s annealed glass.


2- Shape

The curved tempered glass only could produce one radius curve shape, and have strictly radius size limit. But the bent annealed glass could produce a variety of shapes like “s”, ”z”, “u”, two radius, multi radius, etc. and almost don’t have radius size limit.


3- Characteristic

The curved tempered glass is a kind of safety glass, when broken, the small obtuse angles won’t hurt human, but it couldn’t cut after it is finished. While the bent annealed glass is a kind of float glass, when broken, the sharp splinters will be easy to hurt human, but it can cut to any size as per requirement.


Different application, need different glass to meet the personal requirement, if you have any inquiry about the curved glass, or want to know more about the curved glass, warmly welcome to contact us any time, your any message will get the prompt response.

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