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The transparency house in HongKong

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  • Release on :2017-02-03

Qianshui Bay located in southern HongKong Island with a wide sandbeach and clear water. It’s cool in summer while warm in winter. It’s the best place to take summer holiday for people. And most of the top luxury residence of HongKong was located here.

In recent years, two famous Architects whose names were Luke Lowings and Jams Carpenter, decorating one of the personal luxury apartment. The high light of this decoration is the glass stairs and skylight glass. This new design make the house more elegant. The glass stair is made of patterned glass which is become the core of the whole building. The height of the stairs is 5.5 m, crossing to two floors. There is a 4mm glass skylight over the glass stair directly. In this way, it allows the light to come through the interior. When opening the skylight window, people can enjoy the beautiful view of the Qianshui Bay.

The stair is made of tempered laminated glass which is high safety, high strengthen and thermal stability. So that’s why to choose the tempered glass. Except the tempered glass, there are also have extra clear glass whose name was “Crystal Prince”. The advantage of the low iron glass is the light transparency, which can reach to over 91.5% and with a lower ultra-violet transmission. In addition, the most excellent benefit is the low self-explosion. It can be reduce to 0.01%-0.03%. Its’ very expensive because of its high technology on production. So it’s very expensive, and only use for high grade building.

The benefit of the glass stair and skylight is not only elegant appearance, but also can adjust the light transparency, reduce glare and solve the problem of the hot weather in summer. Maybe you are thinking of that the glass design  looks like very cool, people can not enjoy the warm air around. In fact, it does. Considering the typhoon always happen in summer, the designer installed a inductor on the skylight window. When the typhoon is coming, it will give an alarm. In this way, it makes more safety.

That’s really a very clever design. As a professional building glass manufacturer, we are prepare to do more distribution to the construction industry.