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Glass curtain wall playing the cross-border is also very cool!

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  • Release on :2017-02-04

As we know that because of the glass its light transmission,aging resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, and other processing technology of coating, tempered to improve its impact resistance, easy to on shape, energy saving, noise reduction and other advantages, more and more popular to use on high-rise buildings, especially the best choice for over 200 meters and even 300 meters above the super high-rise building envelope material .

Building glass how to play the trans-boundary ?

Such as these trans-boundary  ...  

glass curtain wall with Flow imaging

Shanghai World Expo   Flow imaging

Cool channel-glass walls

The German Power Pavilion   Cool channel

Sands Entertainment City-glass wall

Singapore Sands Entertainment City

Trans-boundary : Building is the media

The combination of new media technology and physical architecture makes it not only a building, but also a multimedia that can be used to enjoy and listen. These glass curtain wall + projection to trans-boundary, is mix together the traditional building materials and digital media, in order to achieve magnificent visual effects, and this new architectural form, known as the media building.


Media building is the building ontology and the glass doors and windowsglass curtain wall multi-technology / integration the multi-disciplinary Cross-border products. 

In some ways, can be seen to has the properties of science and technology art installation, which in addition to building professional also involved in visual communication, advertising planning, film and television art, media animation, installation art, experimental art, digital intelligence, semiconductor lighting, green energy Multi-domain. And this new form of building, but also the growing trend of future urban architecture development.

Construction media will become the trend

Media architecture has been around for a decade, but in the moment of visual-centric , the trend of building mediumize is becoming a powerful force, its not only changes the landscape of the city, but more importantly, its future development will change people with regard to the architecture, landscape and even the city's concept, recognize and understanding, and even change people's way of life in the city.


On the New York Times Square , every night is becomes colorful, a variety of big screen beating the color. There is a screen called "enjoy 15 seconds of fame." A few pieces of the glass screen from top to bottom splicing, pedestrians can pass up their own photos, and then your photos from the top of the screen a block down, fell below the largest piece of the screen, a total of 15 seconds. This design is simple but interesting, people interact with the media on the building, but also interacted with the city.


The Media-Architecture combines the urban planning, architectural landscape, visual arts and business culture with new technology. It will become a new stage for cross-border cooperation and mutual influence in various fields.

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