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Choosing the suitable laminated glass to ensure the safety of architecture

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  • Release on :2016-11-12

Laminated glass is sandwiched between the glass tough the Polyvinyl butyral interlayer(PVB film),
made by high temperature and high pressure processing. Made of transparent film laminated glass, the appearance and installation and use way is same as the normal glass and durable in use. Although ordinary laminated glass does not increase the mechanical strength of glass, but has the following advantages, to making it been recognized, the most security glass products. It can be widely used in building windows and doors, curtain wall, day lighting roof, skylight glass, hung ceiling, ground spacing, large area glass wall, indoor glass partition, glass furniture, store window, glass counter, aquarium glass, and all use the occasion of the glass.

Laminated glass is safety, security, hurricane prevent and earthquake proof characteristics, bulletproof, anti-explosion, noise reduction, control of the sun, UV protection, water-pressure resistance characteristics.

The basic glass/raw glass used for sandwich glass: high-grade float glass, tinted float glass, colored glass, all kinds of reflective glass, LOW-E glass, tempered glass, hot-reinforced glass/Heat Strenghened Glass, pattern glass /embossed glass, colored glazing glass,hot bending glass/ hot bent glass,etc.

As a result of the laminated glass with high strength of impact resistance and used security, thus is be suitable for buildings, such as door, window, roof, floor, partition, the skylight of Industrial workshop, ,shop window, and Kindergartens, schools, sports centers, private homes, Villas, homes for the asylum, banks, jewelry stores, post offices and other place which Keep valuables or the glass window and door is fragile.

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