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Scratch treatment of tempered glass

Scratch treatment of tempered glass

Jimyglass Original translation 2016-11-11 18:52:08

Now a day, a lot of architectural engineering and home decoration use tempered glass, but how to deal with the scratches of tempered glass is a slightly tricky problem. Next, we will tell you about the treatment of the tempered glass scratches and methods of operation, we come together to learn more skill.

Repair principle:

First plane grinding, then polishing.

Specific explanation is: for more serious scratches, first with a relatively large particle size (35μ) grinding tablets for grinding, first scratch grinding off, and then use the fine grinding film (20μ, 10μ, 5μ) followed by fine Grinding, and then pure wool polishing pad and polishing paste to polish the repair area after polishing, the glass scratch repair end. 

Local, small-scale repair can save cost and time, but the repair effect is not good; will repair the area to start, you can get a good repair effect, but will increase the repair cost and time. Please choose the appropriate repair method according to the actual ideal goal.

Precautions before repairing:

1, in the scratch repair process, must have a continuous flow. The role of water is:

A, the grinding of the glass powder washed away.

B, to improve the shear when the grinding force.

C, for the glass cooling. 

2, scratch repair process in the grinding part is the use of grading fine grinding method to complete. The abrasive particles left over from the grinding process or the ground glass powder, if not cleaned in time, may lead to new scratches in the next stage of the grinding process. The new scratches, In the course of the operation is not easy to be found, until the final polishing step will be found, it will seriously affect the repair effect or reduce the repair efficiency. So the operation of the cleaning process is very necessary.

Scratch repair steps:

1, to determine the location of scratches:
After you have determined the location of the scratches, clean the entire surface of the glass thoroughly with water and paper towels, preferably on the back of the glass.

2, to determine the extent of the standard glass and abrasive film repair combined with:

A, depth scratches: can see, fingers belly can feel the scratches.
Repair combination: can be followed by green, pink, blue, orange grinding tablets for grinding, polishing the last. 

B, moderate scratches: to see, the finger belly does not feel out, only with nail cover feel scratches.
Repair combination: can be followed by pink, blue, orange grinding tablets for grinding, polishing the last.

C, mild scratches: can see, but nail cover does not feel the scratches.
Repair combination: can be followed by blue, orange grinding tablets for grinding, polishing the last.

D, Small scar: in a special point of view to be able to see, not touch the scratch.
Repair Combination: Grind with orange abrasive, then polish; or polish directly.

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