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Why does the glass have bubbles?

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
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  • Release on :2016-11-11

People may find that some glass have bubbles on occasion,no matter in float glass,or tempered glass,or laminated glass,or insulated glass.Where it comes from?and which factors influence it? 

Due to the interaction between gas and glass solution,the physical and chemical properties of the glass solution interfere with the formation or disappearance of the bubbles.The main factors of bubbles include:temperature,time,the redox state of the glass. 

***Temperature:the temperature of the glass directly affects the viscosity of glass,surface tension and gas solubility in the glass.In the glass melting furnace,the process of glass clarification is carried out in the high temperature region of the hot spot,the large bubbles are constantly growing and floating,and the small bubbles shrink and are absorbed by the glass. 

***Time:the growth and disappearance of large bubbles in the glass and the absorption of small bubbles in the molten glass must be done in a specific temperature range and in a specific time range.Some factors in the melting process,such as the depth of the molten glass bath,glass bottom temperature,melting rate,glass liquid convection,the redox state of the glass,the bottom of the electric flux or bottom of the pool bubble and so on,all these factors can affect the disappearance process of glass bubbles.If the time is not enough for bubble disappears,it will eventually remain in the glass to form glass bubbles. 

***The redox state of glass:the choice of clarifying agent have a great influency on glass redox state,clarification agent in 1300 degree C above to promote the disappearance process of glass bubbles. 

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At next chapter we will share with you how to avoid the glass bubbles during producing,waiting for the conclusion!

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