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The purpose of different thickness of flat glass

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  • Release on :2016-11-10

Nowadays, the glass are all around with you, you can see them everywhere no matter where-ever
you gone. How much you know about them? Do you know that different glass has difference application ? 
Now, we would like help you learn more about the used of different thickness of flat glass as follow: 

The flat glass include clear float glass, ultra clear float glass, tinted float glass, reflective glass,
glass, laminated glass, tempered glass,etc. The Chinese flat glass thickness of 2mm,3mm, 4mm, 

(1) 2-3mm thickness flat glass, this specification mainly used for the picture frame glass or screen glass,etc. For some place, such as Africa, some of them will use 3mm flat glass to make window glass.
(2) 4mm,5mm,6mm glass, are mainly used for the external walls of glass windows and other small area 
which need light transmitting,etc.
(3) 6mm,8mm,10mm flat glass, used for glass door, indoor screens and other large area place but there 
are frameworks to protect. 
(4) 10mm,12mm,15mm flat glass., can be used for indoor large-scale partition, railings , pool fencing and 
other decoration items. 
(5) 12mm ,15 mm flat glass can be used for double-open floor glass door and some activities and large flow among separate place.
(6) 15mm and 19mm flat glass less required on the market, have to advance booking, mainly used for the 
larger area of the double-open floor glass door and whole outer wall,etc.

Above is the application of difference single panel flat glass, if two or three pieces flat glass and multilayer 
glass, also has widely application, for more information, please contact our JIMY GLASS sales team to talk 
more any time if you free.

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