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Company weekend travel to Xiamen

Company weekend travel to Xiamen

Jimyglass original 2016-10-27 17:08:48

Tomorrow, Jimy glass's staff organized a trip to Xiamen city, Fujian Province,China on weekend. Do you know what a place is Xiamen city?Come on, let me introduce this city.

Xiamen city,English name AMOY, read it sounds good,but it is originated in the colonial era,that is a sad history,but accidentally brought to Xiamen a friendly name.

"The city at sea, the sea in the city." Xiamen is a sea garden, it is the art youths and students very want to stay for a few days.Unfortunately, I did not go to experience in the student era.

In fact,I do not know what attracted me,Xiamen has long been listed in my travel list.5 years ago,the summer holiday of university, has done all the preparations for the trip, but for various reasons, I didn’t go.

Perhaps Gulangyu beach, perhaps the warm southern wind,perhaps just an enticing snack, Xiamen has always been in my heart wandering, and I ambiguous.I am 700 km away from Xiamen,not near not far away,perhaps this embarrassing distance dream of, but dragged on and has not been able to make the trip.

Now 5 years in the past, the place will eventually be owed to, the story will eventually usher ending. 

The first stop: South Putuo Temple

I came to the South Putuo Temple is the most important reason is that you can stand on the peak observatory overlooking the whole picture of Xiamen University.

South Putuo Temple is located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, southeast of Wulao mountain facing the Bicheng harbor. In the South Putuo Temple, you can receive free incense, devout Buddha. Many tourists will choose to eat vegetarian in the South Putuo Temple and take away a prime cake when leaving. 

The second stop: Xiamen University

Xiamen University, known as the most beautiful campus,"according to mountain and alongside sea", relying on Nan Putuo and Baicheng beach, seems to have become a free tourist attractions.

Xiamen University students are enviable, they can elegantly wandering in the path of the phoenix bloom, experience the gentle and intellectuality, you can also close feel the old building essence of Xiamen University, feel old age is not old vitality

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The third stop: Gulangyu islet

Gulangyu is a islet,just listen to the name you may feel this is a full of mood and romantic place. In the pleasant temperatures of October, we take the leisurely pace set foot on the island.Gulangyu opposite the island of Taiwan, when to return to the motherland?The ship to Gulangyu ferry, more like a time machine.Unwittingly, as if through one hundred, immediately take you from reality into the distant dream.It is no wonder that will be referred to as the "sea garden".

We will spend the whole day on the islet eating a variety of snacks and seafood feast.

Xiamen,waiting for our passion coming.

If you have any glass question and request on 28th-30th,Oct,please check out websit and leave a massage to us.We are mobile phone service online for 24h. 

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