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What should be attentioned if you are planning for travel to Xiamen?

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2016-10-28

Most of us are enjoying travelling! 
Travel makes us be a more awesome person:more closer to the natural and enjoy the beautiful things,relax ourself,release pressure,expand our horizon and so on. 

While,don't forget safety is also important!This time Jimy Glass Company organizated members for travel to Xiamen.then what should be attentioned before going? 

1.The best travel time in Xiamen is the spring and the autumn,early summer is also pretty good,and is quite warm in the winter. 
2.Xiamen have a lot of seafood,keep calm down and don't eat too much,remember to bring antidiarrheal medicine. 
3.If you enjoy having supper,remember don't go out too late,the famous food stall business is very very good,if you go there too late,the seafood species will be few. 
4.Xiamen is a civilized city of health,the local goverment have strickly punishment for the dumping rubbish and damage the environment,also including smoking in public places. 
5.Don't forget to take ide ntity card,money,sunglass,swimwear.for ladies,sunscreen,hat,sun umbrella and so on. 
6.Due to Xiamen is one of the famous travel city,there are many travellers here everyday,keep together with your teams to avoid get lost,must be have a good team spirit. 
7.Don't forget to bring the selfstick,to keep you and the beautiful scenic spots have a very good memory.

If you have more advises,welcome talk together!

By the way,for all our customers,if you need any help for float glass or processed glass,don't forget to send the inquiry to us,we will reply you on next monday.If urgent order,don't forget to give a call to us,our sales team always be there and support you!

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