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What is anti-glare glass?

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  • Release on :2016-10-28

AG glass,also known as anti-glare glass.glass surface is a special processing of a glass. Which is characterized by the original glass surface mirror reflection into diffuse reflection (surface uneven). The traditional method is to immerse the glass in hydrofluoric acid etching, but this method bring a lot of environmental pollution, and the product yield is difficult to improve.

Jimy glass company uses a spraying process to produce AG glass, spraying a special medicine on the surface of the glass and forming a diffuse reflection surface after heat curing. The method is environmentally friendly and has high yield.

Its principle is to high-quality glass single or double-sided process, so that compared with ordinary glass has a lower reflectance, thereby reducing the interference of ambient light to improve the clarity of the screen, reducing screen reflection, the image clearer,realistic, so that viewers enjoy a better visual effect. 

AG test items:

Mainly through the anti-glare glass after the light transmittance, in general, the production of etching AG glass transmittance will decline, the production of sprayed AG glass transmittance will not be affected.

Mainly measure Anti-glare glass effect, the general gloss range from 20-110%.

3.Glass haze:
Mainly to measure the Anti-glare glass fog effect, and a certain sense of gloss is inversely proportional.

4.Surface roughness:
Measure the surface roughness of the anti-glare glass diffuse surface, usually 0.06-0.25

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