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A charismatic Polish construction contractor

A charismatic Polish construction contractor

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. Origional 2016-10-29 08:19:47

B is from Poland who is a very handsome man, about 1.9m tall, has strong muscle, smart brain, piercing eyes, attractive beard, etc. In a word, he is a very charismatic businessman.

The first time I contacted him by email is on July 27, 2013 when I am in Jimy Glass just about one month, I got his email address on his company website. Through his website, I knew he is an excellent contractor, so I tried my best to get his response. But again and again, a lot of email had been sent, always no response. At that time, as a new saleswoman, I was so lost. But fortunately, I never gave up, and finally, I got his first time response on Apr.28, 2015.

The first email he sent to me was asking the price of 442 552 662 ESG glass, about 3750m2, I was very excited at that time because I knew I got the chance. Though his information is enough for us to give him an approximate price, but I didn’t do that. I replied his email to check all the details including whether the glass have special requirements like polished edges, drill holes, or cutouts, etc. Just want him to know that we are real professional glass processing factory. He was so kind to reply all my email very fast, after confirming all the details, we offered our bottom price for him.

After that, we offered so many other price for him, like 884 clear tempered laminated glass, 10104 curve low iron tempered laminated glass, 6mm screen printing tempered glass, etc. But never orders. We feel disappointed again. Until one day, he asked his stainless steel supplier to check our company, to know more about our factory, our capacity, our main market, and asked us to send the photos of our factory, etc. When we had done all those things, we believed that the order would come soon. But actually, no, there were lots of other things waiting for us, like sent the glass samples, provided the glass quality certificate, inspected our glass factory, etc. No matter which thing, made us feel heavy pressure, because we didn’t want to miss this customer. So we did everything very cautious. After all those, luckily, we got his first order on June 15, 2015, received deposit payment USD17216.5.

Until now, more than one year, we have done many projects together, like 664 safety glass for the skylight of railway station, 884 flat jumbo size tempered laminated glass for building roof, 10104 security curve tempered laminated glass for elevators, 1010104 dot screen printing non-slip ESG VSG glass for floor, etc. During the orders, we had meet a lot of troubles, like the containers were hard to book during the New Year Holiday which would delay the cargo arrival date, some pieces glass were broken accidently during transportation, the payment were hold by the general contractors so couldn’t pay for us in time, etc. But all the problems were solved successfully in the end. Because when the problem happened, we weren’t checking whose fault it is. We were thinking together how we could solve the problem in better way.

The cooperation between us is better and better, so we are preparing the agent documents now, his company will represent our company to distribute the architectural glass in Poland, trust that we will help more and more customers make their ideal building come true.

Thank you so much for this handsome and smart businessman, with him and his team, we learn a lot, we know that no matter what we do, we should insist on, no matter what trouble we meet, we should keep calm and find the best way to solve, no matter what kind of glass order, we should supply our best glass for customer, etc. We-Jimy Glass, are ready to give most professional one-stop glass solution for more customers, are you ready to join us, too?

662 clear tempered laminated glass skylight