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Four methods identification of the good or bad for Insulating glass

Four methods identification of the good or bad for Insulating glass

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. original 2016-10-29 14:53:12

In Windows and doors in the market, now you can common the insulating glass window, insulating glass windows because of the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, is been a new favorite in the decoration market. But there’s much different kind of insulating glass window, the price is different, we will teach four methods to help you identify the good and bad of insulating glass window.

Standard structure of insulating glass window

Standard structure of insulating glass windows

The structure of a regular insulating glass window is as follows: Its by two pieces of glass, seal with sealant, and then the middle part of the pump into a hollow, filled with inert gas. This structure can ensure the insulating glass windows of the sound insulation,heat preservation effect is good. The cheap and low-quality insulating glass windows just simply to make two pieces glass sealed, didn't have pumping off and filling processed .

Identification of true and false insulating glass windows 

high quality insulating glass for windows

First of all, to identify true and false hollow glass windows, you can start from three aspects. First, the glass is sealed or not, the fake hollow glass windows, using a black PVC foam, which can not achieve the sealing effect, the good quality is used the special sealant. Second, to check whether there is an Aluminum Spacing Strip between the windows , usually there will be a lot of holes, with desiccant, which is to absorb moisture in the gas to prevent the misty situation, false hollow glass windows doesn’t have these. Third, when you buy the insulating glass window can test the sound insulation effect, insulating glass windows sound insulation effect is obvious, but the effect of fake is very general .

Focus on quality

After recognize the true and false hollow glass window, we must to focus on quality. The first is the profile, high-quality hollow glass windows, with a brand of profiles, the use of low-grade profiles and the second recovery of the profile the quality is poor. Good profile surface is smooth, flat, no color, no cracks, bubbles, the welding is not open welding, hardness enough; poor profile of the surface color is not uniform, there will be bubbles, impurities, when percussion its will crack, or even pinch by hand there will be deformation.

Steel in the profile

Steel in profile for insulating glass

Profile of the steel also can find the quality is difference, the thickness above 1.2mm the steel is qualified, if not matching this standard quality have been notice, if setting of wood is inferior. Simple to view the glass quality, if the glass surface is no bubbles,flatness, view through the glass  there is no distortion, is qualified products. In the hardware accessories, most have need to do anti-corrosion treatment, or use of stainless steel.

Kindly Remind: To choose the hollow glass, in order to make the home to have a comfortable, quiet environment, so when purchasing, have to focus on the quality part, know how to identify is necessary.