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How to distinguish the toughened glass, float glass and ultra-white glass

How to distinguish the toughened glass, float glass and ultra-white glass

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. original 2016-10-30 21:00:50

Glass is essential in life, the most basic is the doors and windows, there are variety of glass, ordinary glass, art glass, tempered glass, etc. How much you know the float glass? Today we talk about how to distinguish between toughened glass, float glass and ultra-white glass.

Tempered glass is advance to make the flat glass to processed, such as cutting, edge polished, chamfering, etc, because of after tempered highly hardness couldn’t been cut or other processed. And then in the tempering furnace to heat treatment to made, when it broken into a small piece not sharp to hurt human, its a way to distinguish tempered glass or not. Tempered glass could be self-explosion, but probability is very small. 

tempered glass and non- tempered glass

Float glass refers to the use floating production to make the glass, where molten glass is poured from the furnace and floated evenly onto a bed of molten tin to molding, compared to other mechanical method, its advantages can occurrence of glass unevenness due to mechanical vibration, or the presence of air bubbles is reduced, and infinitely long glass can be theoretically created, as long as the glass is constantly added to the surface of the liquid. Float glass can an been made tempered glass.

normal float glass

The ultra clear float glass (also named Low iron float glass), the pure glass color and white crystal should be the same colorless and transparent (both of the main components are silica), because of the impurities in glass (mainly Bivalent iron) will result to the glass production out the color is greenish, the ultra-white glass is to use of a method to make the iron content in the glass is reduced, the color of the glass close to the transparent colorless, its price is several times more expensive than clear float glass. Ultra - white glass also can been made tempered glass.

ultra-white glass

Contrast the Ultra - white glass and clear float glass

For the clear float glass and ultra-white glass, if you do not compare them together, basically do not find different, the side of the ultra-white glass because of white to looks blue (same principle as the lamp, the more white then more blue), clear float glass is clear and looks little green on the glass side.

clear float glass and extra clear glass

For the tempered glass, float glass and ultra-white glass, and we introduced here, and float glass widely used in the building, the price is more affordable, if you need to use float glass can contact our JIMY GLASS group to talk more any time.