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The Shimao Straits Tower of Xiamen

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2016-10-31

All of our company members were visited Xiamen at last weekend.Xiamen is a beautiful and romantic city.We can find many delicious seafood with competitive price here,beautiful sights also bring a good mood to us. 

One of the most famous skyscraper center also attracts us,no matter where we stay in Xiamen,the skyscraper center can be seen,it is called Shimao Straits Tower.Did you hear about it? 

Tallest building,Xiamen Shimao Straits Tower,it is also called Shuangzi Tower.It is connected by two independent towers,the independent tower looks like two huge sailings,also known as Shuangfeng Building. 

The tall of the building is around 300 meters,one is used for the five-star hotal and top grade office,the other one is used for the SOHO office building.From the appearance,we can see that the curtain wall are made by low-e tempered insulated glass. low-e tempered insulated glass is widely used for curtain wall,since it has a lot of advantages,such as soundproof,heat control,energy-saving and so on,to meet society's requirement.It is not difficult to find that the more and more curtain wall of the skyscrapers are made by the energy saving insulated glass.

The design style of the Shuangzi tower is reflects the young,modern personality city.The world's highest overpass at the top of Shuangzi tower,and you can overlook the most prosperous scene stand there. 

Do you want to have a look?take a time to visit Xiamen! 

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