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Difference between tempered glass and semi-tempered glass

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  • Release on :2016-11-26

Tempered glass: by heating and quenching treatment, the glass surface shows a uniform compressive stress, the internal uniform tensile stress, which is the flexibility of the glass better, the intensity increased several times.

The upper and lower surfaces of the toughened glass, like the middle contraction of the spring mesh, stretch out when the glass is bent, so that it can play to a greater arc without breaking, which is the source of toughness and strength . If, for some reason, the sheet is broken, the net-tempered glass will break up and break into small particles.

Tempered glass has the following characteristics:

Security: Tempered glass is the strength of ordinary glass 3 - 4 times, broken after a small granular, can be broken glass or splash damage caused by the smallest, and therefore belong to safety glass.

Thermal stability: Tempered glass has good thermal stability, in the same piece of glass can exist on the temperature difference of 200 ℃ without thermal cracking.

Disadvantages: there is blew phenomenon, that is, the tempered glass in the natural state of the phenomenon of fracture, and steel processing will affect the smoothness of the glass.

Semi-tempered glass: is a range between ordinary glass and tempered glass glass type,its strength is about 2 times of anneal glass, broken pieces larger, so do not belong to the safety glass, semi-tempered glass cracks will not intersect , Although not part of the safety glass, but even when the four sides of the clamping installation rupture, each piece of the debris are edge fixed, and therefore still have a certain degree of security of its thermal stability is weaker than glass, resistant to 100 ℃ temperature difference Resulting in thermal cracking.

The biggest advantage is that there is no blew blemish defects. It should be noted that, 8mm thickness of the following glass can be processed into a semi-tempered glass, 10mm thickness of the glass is difficult to process into a semi-tempered glass, processed in time it may be nothing, or do not meet any product standards.

Performance Comparison


Tempered Glass

Semi-tempered Glass

Normal annealed glass









Thermal Stability




Surface Stress




Broken State

Obtuse-angle grain



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