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Why to choose fireproof glass?

Why to choose fireproof glass?

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO.LTD original 2016-11-27 15:25:48

We are always hear that the news report so many Big Fire incident , people feel sorry for the loss of property caused by these fires, and asked why the today's fire protection is so convenient,  why can cause such a big loss? On the one hand, because people's awareness of fire control is not strong, no do well on the fire protection measures, on the other hand, the developers or designers in the design did not fully consider the application of fire glass, thus delaying the optimal timing of the fire, causing large Scope of property damage. So what is the role of fire glass in the construction? Developers or designers how to choose a fire glass?

We know that fire-resistant glass in the structure can be divided into compound anti fire glass and single panel fire-resistant glass ; and from the fire-resistant function can be divided into thermal insulation fire-resistant glass and non-thermal insulation fire glass.

single panel fire-resistant glass VS compound anti fire glass

Single panel fire-resistant glass is non-thermal insulation fire glass ,mainly used in:
1, Exterior curtain wall and outdoor window
2, Daylight roof
3, Ceiling screen
4, non-thermal insulation fire glass doors
5, non-thermal insulation requirements of the fire glass partition wall
6, for the requirements of the thermal insulation can also use the water spray system of fire glass partition wall

Compound anti fire glass is thermal insulation fire glass, mainly used in:
1), safe escape routes (staircases, corridors)
2), the elevator and its surroundings
3), shared space (the glass partition walls , doors and windows)
4), library and storage room
5), adjacent to the external wall of the building window (spacing non-enough)
6), the perspective of the floor which requirements of fire-resistant
7), underground parking lot (the elevator export and elevator hall)
8), factory and office partition wall
9), Disaster prevention central and central control room
10), dining room, kitchen compartment
11), fire door assembly (windows or all-glass doors)
12), for exterior windows, exterior curtain wall, the design should consider the combined use of fire glass and PVB laminated glass

So appeal the developers and designers in the design of the program ,must be strictly control the application of fire glass, give the residents of a safe and secure living environment.

Single panel fire-resistant glass product introduction: It is a kind of fireproof glass with single-layer glass structure, which can keep the fire-resistant integrity for a certain period of time, cut off the open fire, poisonous and harmful gas on the side exposed, but its not have thermal insulation and heat insulation function . 

Compound anti fire glass product introduction: It is made up of multi-layer glass original flat glass conform to water-soluble inorganic fire-resistant laminated compound, and it is also the fire-proof glass with the requirement of fire-resistant integrity and fire-resistant heat insulation.

single panel and compound anti fire glass