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Jianmen Pass Beauty Spot platform glass changing project near the end

  • Author:Jimyglass
  • Source:Original translation
  • Release on :2016-11-28

In order to allow visitors to stand in the viewing platform, overlooking the whole Jianmen Pass Beauty Spot, built the world's second, the first in Asia suspended from the Cliff bottom 150 meters of the glass viewing platform.

Jianmen Pass suspended glass landscape platform cantilevered length, second only to the United States Colorado Grand Canyon National Park suspended glass viewing bridge. The hanging glass viewing platform is the Jianmen Shu Road tourism area a national AAAAA-class tourist attractions of the key projects, a total investment of 20 million yuan.

According to reports, the platform built surface elevation of 1163.800m, cantilevered part of the steel structure, the steel beam of steel using two "workers" superimposed word composition. The main landscape platform suspended span of 25mm, the platform surface layer of high-strength multi-layer laminated glass pavement, the glass thickness of about 60mm, after completion of the platform from the bottom of the high about 150m.

It is understood that the glass viewing platform from the vertical distance of about 150 meters from the cliff, the elevation of 1163.8 meters, extending from the edge of the cliff 15.9 meters, 25 meters across the span, with a total area of ​​159 square meters. Glass viewing platform debut, the use of transparent special glass, tourists walking on it, the cloud from the foot, the fog from the side, like exposure to dreams.

Jianmen Pass Beauty Spot glass viewing platform built more than two years, the original glass is worn to cause perspective is not strong, therefore, Jianmenguan area decided to replace it with transparent special tempered glass, on October 17 - November 17 For closed construction. According to the person in charge of construction of the project Mr. Zhao introduced, according to national standards for glass viewing platform glass life of seven years, but the location of the viewing platform is higher, significantly affected by the weather, cold winter, summer heat, Wind, will affect the life of the glass to a certain extent, for viewing perspective and safety considerations, the glass is very necessary to replace.

Glass viewing platform consists of 72 different sizes of tempered laminated glass composition, the construction in addition to the replacement of glass, but also on the steel, steel beams to do reinforcement and anti-rust treatment. Replacement works in the end on November 28, after acceptance by the relevant departments in order to put into use, is expected to open the glass viewing platform at the end of this month.

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