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The advantages of double glass curtain wall

The advantages of double glass curtain wall

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO.LTD original 2016-11-29 19:11:00

The glass curtain wall also name reflection glass curtainwall, its base glass always use of the reflective glass, Low E glass , laminated glass, tempered glass and so on. Today, we would like to share the knowledge of the advantages of Double glass curtain wall as below:

1.Sound insulation: Double glass curtain wall due to the role of noise shielding, reducing the outdoor noise for indoor impacting. It is particularly suitable for buildings in the central area of the city where traffic noise is very strong. At the same time, double glass curtain wall can still introduce natural ventilation in strong noise environment, reducing the building energy consumption.

2.Heat preservation: In winter, the outer curtain wall can enhance the thermal insulation properties of the outer envelope structure. Through the preheating the air between the double glass curtain walls, can effectively reduce the heat loss on the building surface. And because of the inner wall temperature is high, is conducive to indoor thermal comfortable.

3. Aeration-cooling at night: in the hot summer, the inside temperature of the sunshade building may be too high. The double-glazed curtain wall is not ventilated direct by opening, so it has the security function, which makes the office building can take advantage of the cool air at night during the summer night to cool the room by natural ventilation.

4.Natural ventilation: double-glazed curtain wall is a very important advantage is to allow natural ventilation. Natural ventilation can not only reduce air conditioning energy consumption, but also help improve the comfort of the environment and enhance human health; the inter-layer of Double glass curtain wall layer can be used as a fire channel; the double-wall glass curtain wall to improve the heat preservation and heat-insulating property, And the sunshade can be a long time for natural ventilation, so that the building can fully energy saving and reduce energy consumption.

The sunshade blind of the Double glass curtain wall been installed inside the internal layers, relative to the outside louver on the single-layer glass curtain wall, this approach is more conducive to the protection of blind, especially some of the features complex, exposed to the sun and rain will not only reduce Short service life, but also affect the shading and reflection effect. In addition, external blinds often produce environmental noise, by the famous Japanese architect Zhen Wenyan design, located in the outskirts of Munich, Germany, high-tech park with plug-in metal louvers, breeze all day long ring, and in the double glass curtain wall Set the louvers there is no such problem.

Due to the existence of the outer curtain wall, reducing the wind pressure of the inside building, which makes it possible to partially ventilate the windows in the high-rise buildings. This alone can greatly reduce the energy consumption required for mechanical ventilation in the high-rise buildings. In the architectural design, the double glass curtain wall due to the use of large area of glass, the building was a highly transparency.

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