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Different Types Of The Shower Door Glass

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  • Release on :2016-10-18

Different Types Of The Shower Door Glass 

Shower door glass,did you notice it in your daily life?We always need to face it since we need to take a bath everyday.what's the design of shower door glass at your home? 

Different places different people like different styles of bathroom design.We can find oval shape,rectangle shape,square shape and so on.and surely that different glass types will shows the different visual effects and functions. 

Clear glass is the most popular and often used in traditional showers.It let light pass through and more clearly.in another way,it can make the small space of the bathroom feel larger. 

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Frosted or Acid Etched or Opaque glass are keeping the most privacy.Textured and patterned glass provides privacy as well as a stylish elements. 

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No matter in hotal or public bathroom or at your home,convenient and safety shower door glass will be the most important for us,how do you think?After all,we spend some times stay here everyday.The general thickness of safety tempered glass is 8mm 10mm and 12mm. 

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