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Do you know how long is the life of a door and window glass?

Do you know how long is the life of a door and window glass?

Jimyglass Original translation 2016-10-22 17:03:26

Under normal conditions, there are only two reasons for the lifetime of the window glass and door glass: moist air and high temperature.

Persistent humid air can cause mildewing of the glass, but at room temperature glass mildew occurs very slowly, usually a few months time, under normal use in the environment rarely have a few months of humid air, So the glass is exposed to the air does not occur mildew. Glass mildew generally occurs in the glass storage process, the glass in the wet warehouse or overlap open dumping rain after prone to mildew, not toughened glass glass more easily than tempered glass mildew.

The life of tempered glass 

Physical tempered glass is heated and then be, changing the structure of molecules and molecules within the glass; chemical steel is used at high temperatures on the glass surface molecular structure of the ion exchange; Both methods are permanently changing the material glass of the micro-structure. Therefore, unless there is a high temperature and strong chemical action, in normal circumstances use, the characteristics of tempered glass will not change over time with the attenuation or change.

The life of insulated glass

Insulated glass is a combination of glass substrate, spacing frame (aluminum bar), desiccant (molecular sieve), sealing material (butyl rubber, poly sulfide or structural adhesive glue). Insulated glass in the composition, the glass and aluminum frame is usually very stable, the life of insulated glass depends on the life of molecular sieve and sealing materials. As the ambient temperature changes in the insulating cavity of the gas is always in the expansion or compression of the state, making the insulated glass sealing system is always in the state of force, while the environment of ultraviolet light, water and moisture will accelerate the aging of the sealing system, resulting in Water steam accelerated into the hollow cavity. When a large number of hollow glass hollow glass after the water has been ineffective, the failure of hollow glass means that the service life of insulating glass construction. The key to ensuring that the insulating glass does not fail is the desiccant and the sealing material.

Life of Low-E glass

The life of Low-E glass is mainly dependent on the life of the hollow seal system in which it is located. We know that the main constituent materials of the Low-E film are metals, alloys, metal oxides and metal nitrides. Metal nitride is generally used as a protective layer in the film structure, its performance is very stable. Metal oxide and alloy layer generally as a dielectric layer in the film layer to connect the silver layer and protective layer, its nature is relatively stable. Low-E in the silver layer is relatively active, but the oxidation is conditional need to have water vapor. Therefore, as long as the hollow glass does not fail, basically do not have to consider the life of Low-E film alone.

Life of laminated glass

Laminated glass is a composite glass product in which one or more layers of organic polymer interlayer (PVB / GSP / EVA) are sandwiched between glass and the glass and the interlayer are permanently bonded together after processing. Glass even in the case of broken glass fragments will be stuck to the film, effectively prevent the debris and piercing through the incident falling events, to ensure personal safety.

The life of laminated glass mainly depends on the interlayer of the material. Normally wet sandwich glass and EVA laminated glass are mainly used for indoor partition, not for building doors and windows or curtain wall. Wet laminated glass in the sunlight will accelerate aging, 1-2 years after the phenomenon of yellowing, 2-3 years began to degumming bubbles, ice and fog situation. In general, the wet sandwich glass aging faster than the EVA laminated glass much faster. EVA laminated glass to avoid direct sunlight in the indoor use can have more than 10 years of life.

Generally used as window or curtain wall PVB laminated glass and GSP laminated glass its aging resistance is much better. Laminated glass PVB and GSP the most typical failure is to open the plastic, open plastic means that the glass and the separation layer, the loss of the safety characteristics of laminated glass. PVB and GSP on the life of laminated glass, there is no relevant standards and norms. At present, domestic glass processing enterprises generally refer to overseas PVB and GSP suppliers to provide materials related to 5-7 years of product warranty period.

In fact, GSP and PVB laminated glass life, in addition to the impact of materials by the middle layer, by the thickness of the middle compartment, laminated glass substrate quality, laminated glass process control is very large.

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